Stimulants and insulin sensitivity- J. Berardi

Just wondering to what extent stimulants such as ephedrine + caffeine can decrease insulin sensitivity and how long this decrease in insulin sensitivity lasts. Also what about thyroid levels…does a low thyroid level increase or decrease insulin sensitivity?..

I think the extent can be quite severe. After taking the E+C stack for several months I would sometimes get a blood sugar crash so bad I thought I would hit the deck. After going off the E+C for two weeks things went back to normal. Unfortunately I know of no proper studies on this matter. Please respond Mr. Berardi.

From what Ive seen, it’s probably an acute affect, meaning that once the drugs/supplements are out of your system your glucose and insulin tolerance is back to normal. Ive gotta clarify a thing or two here. First, the decrease in insulin sensitivity with these compounds manifests in a “diabetic-like” blood profile. Now people are assuming that this will inhibit fat losses. This is not true. Fat loss is indeed accelerated with thermogenics. But I try to balance health and fat loss so that’s why I stay away from stimulants. But to be honest, you will lose fat faster with thermos while on a diet and probably will retain more muscle mass. But the side effects just arent worth it in my book. Adding ALA or some insulin sensitizer or glucose uptake enhancer to balance out the thermo is a good idea if you decide to go that route. Finally, for andrewa, the literature on your situation is interesting. Thermos DO NOT cause hypoglycemia. Alot of people report this with caffeine also but what happens is that the stimulant effect tends to cause a “percieved” hypoglycemia so that you feel like crap and like youve crashed while you are at normal blood glucose. Yet another “side effect” that I try to avoid from thermos. But either way this has little to do with insulin sensitivity.

Hey JB great work on everything from pwo nutrition to massive eating. I tried Massive eating for 9 weeks and loved it. I was hoping you could answer a couple questions for me. First off I’ve been using the Massive eating meal combo’s for my fat loss approach . I’m also using your cardio reccomendations 6 days a week. I lift 3 times a week and 1 more day of TC’s sprint program. My fat loss has been slow compared to my last couple fat loss diets over the years. I have added thermogenics like I previously would, but the results aren’t there. I was wondering if i could have grown tolerant? I wait at least 4 months in between use.When would be the bets time to take the? before pro fat meals?Also, i never got up to the 3800 reccomended calories per day for me in massive eating, so i adjused my deficit in line with the total i had been eating. Still no results , so i lowered a bit more. I do not want to go too low and sacrifice metabolism/muscle so i’m going to make alot of adjustments with my eating. I know oatmeal is a very good low insulin index/GI carb, but what are others? I’m planning on cutting out rice poatoes ,and pasta(and limit bread to 1 serving a day). I need to take in 200 grams of carbs a day. Well this is my fat loss plan. our response and help with my questions is very greatly appreciated.Thanks, Mike

Mike M-"asking Santa for abs since 1998"

Mikey, my man, about carb sources…did you ever catch my post on your previous thread? Veggies work wonders, my friend. Stick with fibrous veggies, especially the green ones, and that could aid in your quest. Plus, with veggies you get to eat a whole lot more food:-)

Timbo, buddy ,yes good info on that post…I was wondering if Jb had any good advice with his plan and some low insulin sources. I’ve been hittin the broccoli too bud. Thanks for the help . Not used to this extreme dit frustration . if i don’t start conquering my bodyfat soon i’ll be sweatin like a whore in church , in nervousness. Later