Pre-workout stimulants and insulin sensitivity

I normally avoid caffine, etc due to the negative effect on insulin sensitivity but the other morning I was feeling a little groggy so I popped some. I had an unbelievable workout -I was able to push more weight felt more intense and had an overall great workout. I have since done it again w/ the same results. My question is if I am bulking am I better off cycling (cycling because I dont want them to become a crutch) stimulants to get these great benefits to my workout or do the negative effects to insulin sensitivity outweigh the benefits? Because if it wont effect me much I would like to use them. I had a ton of fun being jacked up and having a workout like that. Also, for those of you not using massive eating what ratio do you use to bulk with. I am currently using approxamatley 35-40% Pro, 35-40% Carb, 20-25% fat but I am always interested in suggestions and or experiences.


Some caffeine isn’t going to hurt insulin sensitivity that much. I wouldn’t worry about it. But you will get used to it and won’t feel as jacked anymore. Save it for when you really need it or try some Power Drive on non-caffeine or ephedra days. I mix both on leg days. Vrooooom!!!

Here’s my take: I can’t remember the last time I trained
without having at least a small cup of coffee or some
other stimulant, beforehand. The key for me is to TAKE
pre-workout routine is 12 oz’s of coffee with 4-5 grams
of L-Tyrosine plus 200 mg’s of DMEA; now, if I need an extra
boost, I will chew up a 30 mg. pseudoephedrine cap with it,
and maybe even go with the 16 oz size. Is it a crutch?
Perhaps… But I’m always ready and up to train, even when
I only get 6 hours sleep. I don’t use stims for dieting or any
other reason…I save them for training, and for over 2 decades
they still get the job done.

Yeah, I know what JMB says about insulin sensitivity, and
I have tremendous respect for his GREAT work - But I have
already given up pizza, beer, bagels, pretzels, ice cream,
unprotected sex, and being a Republican - BUT I AM NOT
GIVING UP MY FUCKING COFFEE!!! Your jittery Bro, Joey Z.

Thanks guys:

what is your take on me continuing to split my suge pre-and post on stim days? Will the reduced sensitivity negate the benefits - on these days should I just take it after?

Once again thanks

Stimulants have become a pre-workout ritual for me, mainly caffeine, sometimes ECA or MD-6 and Powerdrive depending on my energy levels and goals of that training session. I work full-time and have a family-I personally couldn’t meet my training goals without them. I gave up beer, eat 6-7 clean meals a day and use antioxidants. Eliminating all stims is probably the best way to go, but at 35, in order to be a good father, husband, and athlete, I realize compromises must be made.

As a graduate student, I have the same problem as others…I need coffee. I, too, respect JB and dampened my consumption all summer combined with Massive Eating. I have again been cosuming massive quantities of coffee since mid August. I have not noticed any incremental difference with v. without, but on I must force myself to eat or I’ll buzz right by meal times.

Can anyone point me to an article or a post regarding just how much certain stimulants affect insulin sensitivity? My endocrinologist told me that ritalin’s effects are negligible, but now I’m starting to worry that I was misled. Any help would be appreciated!