Steroid Powders

I’ve just acquired some steroid powders and was going to use prop g to measure them. My question is how can I make this mixture more innocent looking. It will be suspicious if I was measuring out a few mls of liquid from a eye dropper or something a couple times a day around my girlfriend and at work. Could I just mix in few millilters of the mixture in a small bottle of water or something and then innocently sip this a couple times a day at work?

Cap it.

I have an old capper from a while back that holds “0” size caps. Those hold 400-500mgs. If I were to use vit. C or milk thistle to cut 5,000 mg of Winny powder it seems I could really mess with the accuracy of doses. Does anyone have any recommendations on using this same size capper or should I just try and find a smaller one?

I believe 7 sprays from an old androsol bottle is the equivalent of 1 ml. If you mix with ethanol or prop g as recommended, you could make up a mix of 50mg/ml and then each spray (orally) would yeild 7mg

I like the #1 capper.

What kind of powder did you order? If it isn’t
a 17aa steroid, taking it oraly would be useless. Also, Bill Roberts has said that none of them will work very well mixed with androsol.
Brock Strassor gave a URL for a cap machine in the last paper issue of Testosterone. I’m at work now so I dont have it with me. Maybe a helpful reader could post that for you. (That would only work for oral steroids though)
Good luck, bro.

When you cap the oral powders, that’s all you need to do, right? Pour the powder into the cap?
You don’t have to mix the powder with anything do you?

I was thinking of winny mr. licker. I missed that address for the capper, I’ll have to read the mag again, you meant #3, right? P.S. glad you decided to keep your name. techno hippie :]

I’m not sure if it was #3 or #4. (dont have them here) Its the one with the Nandrosol vs. Androsol article. Hey Deniz, whats up with the meso board? Actually, there are several boards that are down right now. Does anybody know? Is this some kind of government take-over or something? Is the T-mag board in danger also?