Start of Experiment: Estradiol Valerate

Been on different doses of test since 2017.

Mostly test fucked up my naturally good libido.

Have had success with npp only, dbol added and some success with test and primo which eventually went to shit.

Ive tried all from 80mg test a week to over a gram.

Ive done ed injections, eod, e3.5d, e7d and 10d, some better than others but generally my libido with test has always been worse than natty, majority of the time basically non existant with ed.

Have thruout the years suspected too high e2, too low e2, too low shbg and blabla.

Today, for the first time, ive gotten my hands on estradiol valerate, oral of 2mg.

I will now start with 2mg Daily, added to my current weekly test dose of 350mg.

Energy is great, strenght is great, drive, confidence and ambition is great.

Libido is currently total shit.

Lets up my estrogen and see what happends, here we go!


If it wasn’t for my Gilberts Syndrome, a liver disorder, 7 mg daily was going to be optimal for me, only achieving a Total T of 425, E2 28.

Don’t be afraid to lower your dosage.

If that doesn’t work, try a shorter ester, Test prop or even better, Jatenzo @ 237 mg twice daily.

Very interesting. Keep us posted

1st day done. Ive been feeling nostalgic as fukk today, i usually never do.

All i have to report so far. Not sure how long it would take for this to actual take effect

4th day.

Libido is up for sure.
Joints feel good.
Muscles are fuller.

Nostaliga all the time, thinking of the old times.
I feel mentally more weak, like sad about nonsense which usually never bother me.

Keep going, 2mg ED


oh, and i type faster, quicker, with less mistakes.

Im a software engineer, development, so i write a shit ton every day. I stumble less over the shit i write, its more precise, quicker. Its like my brain works faster.


You know that there’s a serious risk of causing cancer in women who use it. Medical professionals limit their use to five years. That also counts transgender men. Granted, I know you’ll be using lower doses. I still wouldn’t run this experiment on myself, but you do you and best of luck.

This is literally insane and you will end up as a transsexual. lmao Good luck nonetheless. I don’t think it’s in any way shape or form beneficial.


Jesus my muscles are VERY full, its like 1cm added on my arm lmfao, but i just look more muscular, somewhat like creatine

Wasn’t that with older synthetic estrogens? I thought just estradiol was fine?

Nope. Estradiol Valerate specifically. Most women choose to wait until they are older because they only have a 5 year window allowable for use by medical standards.

Very interesting

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Oh gosh wtf, why god why!

I like these pills so far.

Any studies about it to link me?

your COMPLETELY mistaken my friend. estradiol valerate is bioidentical birth control. women take that their entire lives. they also give it to men with prostate cancer. Your thinking of the older synthetic estrogens like ethinyl estradiol like Swoops mentioned.

this why people need to do their own research and not listen to random bros in the internet. I mean come on bro. a simple google search will show you its birth control


This is being seen more and more all over these trt boards. it seems some men are permamantly messed up from AIs, specifically Aromasin. Some men just cant aromatise like other men, and need exogenous estrogen. This might be a genetic factor, but theres no way to test if men aromatize properly. Some men NEED estrogen. If a biologcal female can get pumped up with testosterone and be ok, a man can have a couple extra mgs of estrogen in the presencw of high androgens and be completey ok. Doctors are prescribing this now.

The women initiative is what caused this fear of breast cancer in women who is use estrogen therapy.

All of it was dastardly lies! They basically concluded estrogen therapy likely or almost caused breast cancer in women.

The very same thing happened with the prostate cancer myth, no causation was found.

Back in the 60’s estrogen therapy was used in women with positive life-changing improvements. All of this was suppressed.

Just like with testosterone causing prostate cancer in men, attitudes are changing for estrogen, therapy in women.

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Best of luck to you. It’s not something I care enough to even look up all over again. I’ve read the studies and talked to the docs for my wife. You do you.

I don’t know you but I have done the research and guarantee I know more about men and women’s hormones than 99% of people or “gym bros”. Maybe you know your stuff, but I doubt it until at least you hang around long enough to prove your merit.

Estradiol valerate was first described in 1940 and was introduced for medical use in 1954. That sound new?

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Dude … Estradiol Valerate IS bioidentical birth control. You obviously havnt researched nearly enough, and ARE a gym bro if you cant understand this and think you know womens hormones. And you think you know it all and cant be bothered by doing a simple google search to back up your claim? Bro, the ego is strong with you! Its ok to admit when your wrong. I do it all the time when im mistaken. But this situation YOU are the one mistaken.

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It’s been a while since I read that, but the risk of breast cancer tripled, which sounds very bad. The projected odds went from 1/10,000 to 3/10,000. Those are real numbers, but we’re talking a relative risk vs absolute risk. It wasn’t like 2/10 to 6/10. Plus, they were using synthetic estrogens, like Premarin aka conjugated equine estrogens. They were not using progesterone initially, since it was thought non-menstruating women and those with hysterectomy did not need it. Once they saw the BrCa increase, they added another arm of the study with medroxyprogestins and provera, synthetics which made things worse. So, they stopped the study and pronounced all hormones bad. I don’t know if they knowingly lied, but they did not consider bioidentical hormones. Progesterone is apoptotic in the breast. Progestins are not. Likely some confirmation bias in there.


“Nope. Estradiol Valerate specifically. Most women choose to wait until they are older because they only have a 5 year window allowable for use by medical standards”

Come on now now BRO. No go prove to us all that Estradiol Valerate is taken by way older women for only 5 years at a time… Kinda defeats the purpose of birth control no??

you cant be bothered to find these studies because there ARE NONE gym BRO