Stairmaster Build Stamina?

How does everyone feel about using the stairmaster for building stamina for hockey? I find that is incredibly challenging. I am only on level 15 out of 20 for 35 minutes doing intervals. I think it comes to something like 2:15 easy and 2:15 hard where the stairs go a lot faster. I’d like some input on this as I am trying to get in a really good condition for my first pro season. Thanks!

It sounds like you’re describing the step master, not the stair master.

Anyway, the step master always kicked my ass!

There were people from my track team that were always on it. Usually like 30 min or so, some a little more. They were usually going pretty hard and were always lean. I think it’s good exercise, one of those things, exercise is better than no exercise.

Yes their are lots of ways to build up stamina though w/e you like best.

This is the stepmill by Stairmaster. Since the amount of vertical work you do is the biggest factor in energy expenditure, the stairmill is probably the best since you move your body more vertical feet per unit time than any other cardiovascular machine. This makes it very easy to work hard. You dont really even have to go fast because you are lifting your bodyweight the height of the stair with every step.

It might take you 10-12 steps to move your body upward that amount even on a very high incline with treadmill walking. The one thing you want to think about is training specificity. Yes, you will improve this energy system, but is it the best for you a hockey player?

I would think you should be doing as much on the ice as possible, because your cardiovascular system may become pretty strong, but the muscle action is very different, there is quite a bit of an isometric part of a hockey stride I believe, so do some stepmill but mix in the hockey of course.

Not sure about hocky specifically, but the machine with the real stairs really kicks your ass. Too bad all the gyms around here got rid of their because they’re too hard.

oh i just do the stepmill one day a week. I usually skate 2-3 times so I am working on the ice as well.

Whenever I wanted to get in shape for a hike or mt climb, I would use it for 3 months or so (3 times a week). I used the actual “stair” master and my best was level 12 for 25 minutes.

Although it took me a while to work up to it, I felt great by the time I was in that shape.

At the same time, I noticed hip and knee aches creeping up and did lose some leg strength.

Cardio does seem to eat away at you.