Stack question

What would a good pro-hormone or pro-steriod be good to stack with dbol? Androsol or Nandrosol?

Neither. My experience (and I haven’t found
anyone who has found different) is that if
you are using high doses of either the prohormone spray or of Dianabol, adding the
other adds nothing that you can really notice.

Sort of how like, if you’re using max dose
of Androsol, doubling the dose doesn’t give
you any benefit you can see, or if using
high dose Dianabol, doubling the dose yet
again doesn’t give more gains. For more gains
you need to use a different kind of steroid
like Deca or Primo or trenbolone.

So if you are going to be doing the Dianabol
at 50 mg/day (divided doses) or more, you’d
be wasting your effort in using Androsol or
Nandrosol as well, in my opinion (and vice