Androsol or Nandrosol stack

I was wondering what would stack better with deca, Nandrosol or Androsol. I was thinking of stacking deca with a prohormone for my first cycle. Is this a good idea? I going to do a four week cycle with clomid after the cycle. Also, since nandrosol is safer,is it ok to spray more than the recommended dosage? Thanks for your help guys. This forum rocks!

This is an interesting question. We have not had anyone try this stack.

Now, the diols seem to work mostly by acting as the diols themselves, though you also get some significant conversion to T and N. Nowhere near enough, however, to account for the gains, so it seems to be mostly the diols giving the gains, as Class II steroids.

I expect nor-4-AD to act like 4-AD, as a Class II. So when used by themselves, they work the same way, do the same thing, one just is easier on the hair and skin than the other - not that Androsol is really hard on the hair because it’s not.

But, you want to stack with Deca.

So as far as the diol part goes of what you get in your system, I don’t believe it makes much difference whether it’s nor-4-AD or 4-AD, except if you’re particularly concerned about hair and scalp. I’d expect similar gains. As for as the part that gets converted though, it could be a different story than the case where someone is using only the Androsol or Nandrosol.

Because, using Deca, you’re not really interested in getting yet higher N levels anyway. If you were, you’d inject more Deca. There’s a limit to how high you want these levels to be before you start feeling like you have PMS or maybe depression, or maybe loss of libido. But having some higher T levels to go along with your N levels from the Deca does add effect and lets you have more total steroid.

So in the case of stacking with Deca, maybe Androsol has a clear advantage in gains. That’s how I would bet my money. HOWEVER, gains can also be quite good just with Nandrosol alone, let alone with Nandrosol plus Deca, so it comes down to whether getting “yet more” is worth it to you if its also a little harder on the hair and scalp. It’s definitely a call based on priorities.

As to using over 70 sprays since side effects are less: It’s not that you would be hurting yourself by spraying more than recommended: it’s just that so far as we can tell, there are really no further benefits to be had by applying more. For further benefits, you need to add a Class I steroid, as
you’re doing here. Brock, Tim, and I are all completely convinced that going
over 70 sprays twice per day is just a waste.

And on the four week cycle thing: I don’t recommend these. You miss the “window” of superfast
recovery you have at 2 weeks, yet while paying about the same price as an 8 week cycle with regards to recovery time, you obviously don’t make the same gains. It’s a “middle ground” that doesn’t make as much sense as the alternatives on either side. With Clomid, recovery after the 8 weeks is generally little problem.

Deca, being long-acting, in a 2-week cycle could be used only as a very light “supplement” to a Nandrosol cycle: say 400 mg on day 1 and that’s it. It would add some to the cycle even at that dose, but not give as high a rate of gains as might be achieved. In an 8 week cycle, if I’d never used Deca, I’d inject 400 mg on the first day (which would get blood levels to the 200 mg/week level) and then 200 mg twice per week. Or, having used Deca before at 400 mg/week and found it comfortable, then I’d inject 800 mg on day 1 to immediately get to that level.

I’m curious what you guys think the best steroid to stack with androsol or nandrosol would be.
Also, how bout N-17E/Deca… If you could choose any steroid to stack with N-17E, what would it be? Primo always seems to be a favorite…

Doug, my personal favorite to stack with the diols is trenbolone, but any Class I steroid,
e.g. Primo or Deca, is an effective choice. Winstrol is effective even though it’s another Class II steroid. But I’d add a Class I first.

With N-17E, it will be the same question as
what stacks best with Deca: a Class II steroid
such as Dianabol, Anadrol (not particularly
recommended with Deca), Winstrol, or the diols
provided you get really high levels of diols in the system.