Squaters Arse and Whey Protein Hydrolysate

Hey T-folk. Just read the latest release of T-Mag (online) and noted one reader saying he “suffered” from squaters arse (for my North American couterparts, please replace ‘arse’ with ‘ass’). Unfortunately I have the same problem. A lot of people recently have been comenting on the size of my arse, although my bodyfat hasn’t changed… I guess it’s just that my best growing body part is my arse! Of course it has its benefits, I mean, now my butt pulls my hips properly back into line, by countering the weight of my massive and overly weighty schlong. [grin] Nah, just kidding… sorry to lead you astray. I mean, really, like anything could possibly outweigh “my” penis… LOL

OK, enough of me talking crap, I actually have a serious question, so here goes... What is the difference between whey protein hydrolysate and all the others? Any general background info would be nice. Just curious, as I've only heard of the stuff recently since finding T-mag a little while back.

Cheers, Mark.

I think it`s the same as peptide bonded
The whey has been broken down by an enzymatic process(?).

Hydrolysates are “predigested” proteins. They are proteins which are broken down into small peptides. They are very soluble in water and super digestible. Hydrolysates are 97% bioavailable while regular protein is only 85%. Hydrolysates are 70% digested by 30min vs intact protein which is only 60% digested in 4 hrs.

Thanks for the replys(?) guys. I think it’d be great to have a short article in T-Mag on Whey Hydrolysate, how it’s made, brief history, results compared to other proteins… all interesting nuts 'n bolts type stuff.

“…Hear that T-Mag staff!”

Hey, Mark, looks like the good Doc gave you the low-down on the hydro. Sure, an article would be great. In the mean time, you might have noticed that a lot of fellas talk about the Protein Factory. I belive they might have a pretty decent explanation for this type of protein. Hope this helps, Mark.

Ok then, what’s whey protein isolate? And is it any good? I’ve just found a guy who’s starting up and he sells whey protein isolate made from white cheese (?!?) that has no taste so it mixes well with any fruit etc. Here is his nutrient breakdown:
Represents one scoop (28g).
Total Fat: 0g
Total Carb: 0g
Sugars: 0g
Sodium: 47mg
Protein: 26g
Its also very cheap, but is it worth getting?

Mark, you’ve got to be Canadian. I haven’t heard anyone except for east coasters ever use the term ARSE.

Simon, protein factory’s website also explains whey isolate.

Next time you’re in Canada, drill a hole to the other side of the planet, and you’ll probably hit my place. I’m in Australia bud.