Squat - Deadlift Training Frequency

This question is for the people who specialize in pure strength training. Not that I haven’t used or will not continue to use body building training methods for a change up.

Here is the question - how should squats and deadlifts frequencies be handled for someone not using gear and with average recovery?

Do I work squats twice a week like Simmons and his crew does? One day dynamic the other maximum effort? If so, when do deadlifts get worked in?

Do I work them on seperate days, one day squats the other day deadlifts?

Thanks in advance for any and all help.

It depends largely on your on recovery ability. If your doing a westside style program, remember that they don’t directly work the DL that often. I would recommend (if you can handle the double squat day/week) that every other week you substitute the DL for the dynamic lift day.

Mark, I use the 2 day/ week routine, one dynamic the other maximal, for squats. I work deadlifts on a totally seperate day maybe once/week. The Westside D-lifters do not work the deadlift all that often, if at all, other than meets. I find that if I do not deadlift at least once every 10 days I lose strength. That’s me though. Everyone is different.