Squat 900 LBS..

Hey T-mag athletic help here… Im a sprinter in college in track and field I was wondering if any of you would recommend me doing the 10 sets 65% explosion workout by Dave Tate during my offseason weight training? Is it a good idea or is it to much? my squat right now is crappy for inseason and is killing me out the blocks. What do you guys think?

Willie, I would definitely recommend that you do that workout, I play rugby and need explosive power as well and since I began really squatting, my speed has gone through the roof and few if any have a better first step and I attribute it almost entirely to squats, and deadlifts. Hope that helps

I agree with Mitchell. I play lacrosse and basketball (lax for the school and basketball in city league), and my speed and vert always increase when my squat does. Also, have you considered power cleans/deadlift high pulls? They might be more specific to the joint angle of your start.

Either the article says it or go over to elitefts.com, they cycle the reps from like 50% up to 70% i think, but i cant remember right now, as i have yet to implement that part.

If you are a sprinter never do ten pers with 65-75% off season.
I would like propose never excess 5reps for squat
for example
1st month: 5reps3sets
2nd month: 4reps
3nd month: 5-3-2reps
4th month: 3reps3set
then go on around 3 reps schedule uo to end of your season
you will apply the weight according to the reps; ? mean do noy do 75% with 5reps if you hold around 85%,then do it with around85%, I usually do like that and in each set increase the weight like 1.set
5reps(83%) 2.set5reps(85%) 3.set5reps(87%)
This program is designed for just 1 season if you do 2 seasons in 1 year 1 of it indoors one of it outdoors.you will apply it by dividing the season 2 parts and repeat from the begenning again.I dont beleive in any season that sprinters need 65-55% work for developing themselves
suucess in your trainings