Sprint Training and the Force-Time Curve

I’m 16 years old and weigh 190lbs. My squat 1RM is about 400lbs give or take 5lbs. I’m currently on Layne Norton’s PH3. Even though the video is a pause squat, you can see I’m a grinder.

I have a huge issue though. I’m a basketball player and my speed and vertical jump are terrible, I’m 6’1" and I can barely grab the rim, and my vertical jump has been stagnant for a while. It was increasing at first a while back but now its been stagnant for months. Not gonna go through the whole story but I did a bunch of researching online and came to the conclusion that I’m on the extremely slow end on the force-time curve, like a powerlifter like speed. Even though I’m lean and have an above 2x bodyweight squat ass to grass, my rate of force development is ATROCIOUS.

I’ve been implementing plyometrics lately with little results and I think it’s because the stimulis isn’t enough to get my CNS faster. So I want to try sprinting, which is on the other end of the Speed-Strength Spectrum. This is the way to go I think.

I need help making a sprinting program though. Amy advice?

First off congrats on that squat!

Here’s a program by CT that could help: https://www.t-nation.com/workouts/get-strong-get-fast-get-vertical

I actually might run this myself after the summer.

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If plyo do not help you increase power production, sprinting will not work any better. I’d have to watch a video of you doing a maximum vertical jump to give you more advice about what your problem is.