Spring Break!!!!!!

I’m going to Cancun for spring break for the last week in march. I want be ripped for the beach and I want to know when should I begin to diet. I have never dieted before so I when I should begin to diet so I will be finished in time for Cancun. I am 195 5’11 and I’m reasonably lean at the moment.
Also if any of you guys will be down there at the same time tell me!!! It’s going to be off the chain down there.

I think we are in the same boat. I’m 5’11 185, going to Florida first week in March for break. I’m gonna start dieting on Feb 1. I say start early, and if you happen to get ripped a little too soon (what a great problem that would be!) you could always alternate bulking and cutting days until it’s time to go. Have fun.

I’m going to be there March 3-10. For dieting fat of the quickest nothing beats the Fat Fast or derivation thereof.

Going to Panama City, March 10-15. I’m 5’6 195 now and I started dieting on January 15th. What body fat level are you at right now? I would start dieting now. If you’ve never dieted before, I would start by cutting out all the junk, lowering fat intake, cutting out simple sugars, and making sure you get tons of protein, plus doing a little cardio. Whenever I try to switch from a diet like the POW right to no-fat, no sugar, all chicken and rice and whey protein, I immediately get sick. It’s not a bodybuilding show, there’s no sense to go too extreme, since all you’re going to do is abuse your body with fast food and a grotesque amount of alcohol. But it’s best to get nice and lean, after all there are more guys than girls at any of these hot spring break destinations, so you want to look good. The high T guys will hook up every night and the low T guys will get nothing. All the chicks will be in bikini shape and looking for action, so it’s worth it. I’ll be wearing a Testosterone T-shirt and if any of you dare, I’ll challenge you to a beer funnel contest.