Spring break workout

Hey T-Bro’s! Well guys i need your help. I just found out that im going to the beach with some of my buddies for spring break. Well spring break is only 1 month away!! I have worked out off and on for a couple of yrs, but the last 5 months or so i have been busy so i havent been training much. I need some help gettin in shape for the beach!! My problem areas are my chest. I have got a pretty big chest but it has gotten a little flabby, i need to try to get as much shape on it as i can b4 spring break. I dont care if i lose some size, just as long as i can get it a lil more cut. I am planning on going on a Low carb diet, taking ripped fuel and adding a lot of cardio. Would training my chest 3 times a week help, i know its not much recovery time , but i dont have much time left. I know 1 month gains usualy arent very much if any, but i sure would appreciate any incite i could get on this.

Lifting a certain way or training it more often will not remove the flab from your chest. The diet will. A three day a week chest program will likely leave you overtrained and possible injured. Lift as normal and use a good diet. If you add too much cardio, especially while on a reduced calorie diet, you’ll likely lose muscle. Try twice a week 20 minute cardio sessions after regular training. That’s it. You only have a month so don’t expect to add a lot of muscle. Doing that on a reduced calorie, low carb diet is near impossible anyway, unless you’re a genetic mutant or using a lot of drugs. Focus on the diet and don’t go overboard with it or training. Try the Anabolic Diet (see links at T-mag). You can’t make up for 5 months of slacking in four weeks anyway, but you can make improvements. If you want something more extreme, try the Fat Fast, but you’ll need to get some Androsol. More info at T-mag.

Uh oh, its that time of year again…time for all the college boys and girls to get back in the gym to see if they can drop that last 30lbs of fat in the next month before theyre off to the beach. I hate to break it to u bro, but its not gonna happen. You cant just workout sporadically and expect ANY kind of results. And training one body part 3x’s a week is just pointless and will even hinder gains. 99% of muscle building occurs outside the gym. Train hard, but train smart. Have fun at the beach, maybe ill see u there.

These are the same damn new years revolutioners…give me a break…
you need to get a clue.

Hey mjl, no need to be an ass!! I train a lot and i train hard when i do. Im a real busy person, you see i have a life and dont have time to pack a damn lunch and stay in the gym for 6 hrs a day. I am in good shape, but i want to get as ripped as i possibly can b4 spring break. New yrs revolution!!?? do you have a clue"?? Im probaly in a hell of a lot better shape then you are. Remeber i have a life, i dont go around flexing in mirrors, counting my calories at the damn gas station, making sure ive had my protein on time, checking out other guys to see if im bigger than them, then wining when im not!!! GET A LIFE.

Hey, Logan. I can see where you can get pretty upset about some of the responses. However, you have to look at it from the perspective that a lot of peeps come on the forum and just throw out a question looking for someone else to do all the work for them. On the other hand, I’m not saying that this is true of you and it’s unfair for others to judge you based on a single post. Now on to the stuff you want to hear…My man Chris gives some good advice as far as cardio, training frequency and diet. I do have a bone to pick with your last post though, buddy. If you’re serious about getting ripped, you’re going to have to do some of the anal stuff we bodybuilders do, especially making sure you get your protein and counting calories would probably not hurt either. As far as 6 hours in the gym, you’re going to have to…over the course of about a week:-) Seiously, training sessions really don’t need to exceed much more than 90 minutes including warmup and stretching and if you throw some cardio in at the end. The good part, pumping iron, need not last more than about an hour. And, Logan, if you bust your ass over the next couple weeks, train and eat smart, hopefully you’ll get to a point where you’re posing in front of the mirror and in front of the chicas on the beach, baby! Good luck and go get 'em.

EASY THERE TURBO.Exzactly how you just made fun of us (which you did),is what really sets us apart from you.We pack a lunch (or four),count calories, train hard for six hours (a week).That is why people may look at us and make fun of us but deep down inside its devotion.24/7 devotion! Will we look good while you and your boys are pounding coronas at spring break? Damn straigth we will.But guess what we looked good back in december or october or what ever. If you dont want to adapt to this lifestyle,fine I dont blame you just dont think you can take some magic supps or drugs or train real hard for 3 weeks and be like us. If you just want to get lean to look good for the babes on the beach,good for you read any one of the 140 t-mag issues and chances are that you will find your answers.Good luck on your quest for HOLE if you cant find any check your local body builder the chiks are probebly hangin with him!
btw/ read the guest atomic dog dated late december by chris shugart This will also show the diference between you and us “no life body builders”