speed bench

What’s the reason for a 45 sec rest interval between sets when doing the 8x3 60% speed sets on the bench? I always thought a minimum of 3 min should be used when training the neuromuscular system. I also use a tempo of 2-2-*, what tempo does Simmons recommend? I guess I was just wondering about the physiology behind the the short rest periods. Need the info. Thanks.

Louie Simmions and Dave Tate from Westside use this method not only for increasing speed-strength, but also to increase the Lactic Acid Threshold.

the short rest period helps you recruit more muscle fibers and teach them to fire explosively. you also get much more psyched into the workout. as for tempo, i too initually tried a controlled neg and pause. this does not work well. the reason louie has sets of 3 at 60% is that the time it takes to do 3 lightning reps is about the same time it takes to ground out a max single. let the bar down fast, but in the groove, catch it so it lightly taps the chest, and immediately fire it back up (try to reverse direction as quick as possible) the entire set of 3 should take under 4 seconds. this will make you much more explosive out of the bottom on your real paused comp benches. also make sure to use the bands (available from jumpstretch). the doubled mini-bands are good for bench.