Spanking it and weightlifting

Will spanking it more than 3 times a week hurt my performance?

Only if your grip is too tight. And don’t do it during your workout either (unless you work out at home), your gym membership might be revoked.

No way man. There is research to say that it increases T levels, but not enough for any anabolic effect.

I know what the evidence suggests concerning sex and testosterone levels. I also know from plenty of firsthand (no pun intended) experience that it has a negative effect on the nervous system. I mean, after doing it, do you want to lift weights? Do you want to even clean up your mess? Of course not. These days I only spank whenever my sex life is in the midst of a serious dry spell (which is almost all of the time) and I just can’t think straight. Otherwise, I make sure that I get out of the house since the temptation always arises whenever you’re at home alone and your video is calling out your name… Like “Slippery when Wet” is doing to me right now… Ok, guys, I’ve gotta go now…

Hell no!!! I spank 3 times a DAY and my forearm development has never been better!

my right arm is stronger than my left hmm… and some times after a vigorous session i get a pump in my right arm- no lie

I guess you are too lazy to read the previous issues of the magazine, because that question has been answered at least 5 times in the reader mail section.

Use one of those ankle weights, but strap it to your wrist instead. This will increase your external arm rotator strength!

Hell yes it screws up the works–there is no other reason in hell it should have taken me three years to work up to a 300 lb bench press–:wink:

I think if you slap yourself while dry it causes major resistance and thereby possibly stimulates these muscle fibers. Then there is the issue of chafing, while dry even though the muscle fibers are being stimulated it still causes some friction therefore causing a chafe. I would try to use some sort of hand lotion to minimize this chafing effect, but not too much, you still need the fiber stimulation in order for maximum growth levels. When you are done make sure you take in 50 grams of simple sugars and 50 grams of protein. Oh yes and creatine may do wonders in the growth department.:wink:

SHIT! Thanks John! I’ve been wondering why I can’t get that bench up…so I should try to cut back to two or three times a day??

Ok, I know everyone is joking around about this… but in all seriousness, I found that my rotator cuff is sore a lot of the time when I’m spanking on a regular basis. However, when I have a girlfriend my rotator cuff soreness goes away. Spanking also affects my racquetball playing because I tend to not have a full range of motion after a few weeks of spanking all the time. As far as weightlifting goes… I have to use dumbbells for presses vs. barbell… probably because of the soreness of my shoulder and rotator cuff. Just food for thought.

dont. besides draining precious minerals, sooner or later you WILL get caught. i myself have been responsible for giving a heart attack to an old italian man i used to rent a room from. older people dont like to see this type of thing at all. LEAVE CLOWN ALONE.

Spank away. It’s good for you and keeps the pipes unclogged. It only effects your workout if you plan to jackoff and then try to work out immediately after. You know, when you’re in that “relaxed” state? Just like a small meal before working out, give yourself an hour or two before hitting the weights.

I don’t do it before deadlifts or back work, because the lotion ruins my grip.

Will it hurt your performance? YOU’RE DAMN RIGHT IT WILL! How do you expect to become a world-class masturbator if you only spank it around 3 times a week? Try out Ian King’s 12 Weeks to Super Spank routine if you want to get serious about your pud-pounding! Also, take in lots of protein and carbs after you “release the hounds”. :slight_smile:

It has been widely known to do alot more than hurt your performance. It was what put the Neanderthal Man into extinction! Don’t scoff, the Neanderthals did not lose their strength while asleep like us humans (I use the term loosely). As time went on the Neanderthal women started wearing skimpier furs and covering less and less of their bodies. The men started having more dreams and ripping their genitalia off during these sexy cave dreams. The poor Neanderthal men would literally bleed to death while asleep with a smile on their face. Breeding came to an almost stand still and they became extinct in a very short time. Then the Limp-sleepers (as the Neanderthals called us) went on to populate the earth.