Sex before lifting

I understand that having sex will raise your T levels. Any benefit to having sex before going to the gym have any benifit if done consistantly? I want to screw my way to a better body!

Having sex does increase T levels temporarily, but not enough to have a training effect. Sorry. But hey, have sex anyway, before and after the gym.

More power to you bro…I know for myself the last thing I feel like doing after a hot and heavy session is lifting…I am just too mellow to consider even going near a weight…just want to chill and go for round two…but then again…mayby my Vixen just wears me out a lot better than yours does!! LMAO! Just busting bro!

i have heard that u should not have sex before workinout out on legs days because after “nutting” you get weak in the knees. Is this true? And if so when should you knock boots or masterbate. Before, after, on certain workouts only???

I notice that if I spank too hard before I workout I get an awesome forearm pump at the gym!!! :wink:

hey wopper…is Vixen a fine chick…can I have a test drive too? :smiley:

Vixen is a VERY fine chick. We are very attached for a good long time…however we do share on occasion…doubt this forum would let me tell you what I got for MY birthday this year!! Lets just say its the best birthday gift I EVER got!!

ok…as an experiment, I tried it last night…and lets just say I DONT THINK SO!!! LOL!! I had NO motivation or drive when I hit the iron. So all I have to say is I will keep to my routine of kicking the door down AFTER lifting when I am jucied and pumped baby!

I’m working on sex WHILE lifting. Should find out how that works next Sunday morning (before opening).

Lipo…a nice narrow adjustable bench ROCKS!! Best piece of equipment I ever in my life purchased!!! I could write a book on the various positions for THAT piece of equipment!

Whopper. I’m thinking incline bench, move to the flat, and then the decline. Need to hit it from every angle you know. Probably progress to the wet and dry saunas, then whirlpool, and maybe finish in the shower. Considering GVT and hopefully avoid One Day Arm Cure.

I’ve heard that among throwers and other strength athletes an ergogenic effect has been created from masterbating shortly prior to competition but preventing themselves from “release”. I can’t remember the source I heard if from, and I haven’t practiced it myself yet. I also heard that the old East German track and field coaches used to pair their team up with one another prior to competition. Damn, I’d hate to be stuck with one of the woman shotputers!

Lipo, let me educate you a minute bro. (if they let this get posted!! But hey…TC can write worse than this!!) decline…very good for 69…girl on the bench you kneeling at her head (takes some arm strength on your part to keep her there…wrap arms around thighs and hold her there (also allows the classic “finger spread” from this position). Incline…you on it…legs together her on top…(a WONDERFUL sight!) flat bench works very well for this also…both, with a narrow bench, allow her to do as she wishes, but the incline provides her a handhold (you or the bench) to help her out. Flat bench…what else? if your tall…she can assume the DB row position (nice and deep for her, and looks GREAT in the mirror!!) OK, whirlpool…have her standing, you behind…(or she can bend over holding the wall for support) line her up so that a water jet hits her “happy spot” as you go at it…she will love you forever!! LOL! The sauna…not for me…I would be sweating my ^%$ off by now…the sauna is the last place I would be!! Well bro, I have hit a few of the “basics” this should be enough to get you started…if you need more,let me know!! Next week T-boys and girls…we have the joy of candle wax, ice cubes and other fun things!! PEACE!

I forgot…PS when in the "bent over row position in front of the mirrors…remember to use your hands on her hips for a nice chest, shoulder and lat flex…first off, if she is watching and she likes muscles…it will fire her up. Second, it helps your control because you can do an upper body check and see where you need to develop more!! LOL!.. Trust me…it works better than thinking about baseball scores!! and she will think your watching her…but dont…or your control will go to hell!! LOL!

So does anyone have energy after the wild thing to hit the iron? Haven’t seen a lot of support for this concept!! LOL!