Soy Coated Chicken Breasts??

hey guys,

i was at the grocery store the other day, looking for some chicken breasts. there were a couple larger bulk packs that provide a bit of savings but in both ingredient lists, there was soy protein. these are boneless, skinless breasts. one even said “coated with soy protein.” what the heck is going on here? why are they doing this? do any of you guys have any experience with this? is it a miniscule amount or is it enough to warrant steering clear of these breasts?

I believe they do this to frozen chicken for 2 reasons:

  1. The water and soy protein act as filler and make it heavier

  2. Keep the frozen meat from drying out

I am no expert here, but I don’t worry about minimal soy in products…just don’t rely on it the way you eat beef, chix, eggs, fish, dairy or whey; the staples of protein for your diet.

Personally, I avoid soy…I think that whey tastes better anyway. But I do like Soy Beans: it’s a veggie, no it’s a protein, wait; it’s both!

off to the gym

thanks guys.

see that’s the thing, I avoid soy too and definitely don’t rely on it as a protein staple like I would with chicken… but that’s exactly it, if I rely on a good amount of chicken breasts for protein, that soy would be coming along for the ride too and thus even though I am not relying on soy as a staple, it’s there during my meals laughing at me.

I think I need to check out another grocery store.

I have a related question. I like sushi, a lot. If I could afford it I would eat it two or three times a week. That said, I like using soy sauce when I have it. Is the amount of soy protein in soy sauce anyting to worry about?

There is very little soy protein in soy sauce. If anything, worry about the sodium content. Although I gotta say soy sauce is damn taste - I cook a lot with it.