Hey once again t-men and vixen another post looking for your thoughts and opinions. What in your mind are the movie soundtracks? mine would be the matrix, blade, MI2, and deep blue sea.

Matrix sound track - also the best movie I’ve seen (except maybe crouching tiger hidden dragon)


The Crow.

judgment night soundtrack rocks


Oh and the Wizard of Oz

Spawn. I can’t remember much about the movie other than its based on a comic book character. The soundtrack rocks my world.



vision quest

Judgment Night, Spawn, and Varsity Blues.

“ALIEN”: It was simple…understated…you could almost FEEL it as well as HEAR it…and it fit well with the line “In Space…No One Can Hear You Scream…”

Fight Club


“A Zed of Two Naughts”


Judgement Night, Requiem for a Dream, Singles (old school grunge, baby!), Fight Club.

The Fight club sound track an the Spawn sound track.

Anything by Thomas Newman (i.e., “American Beauty,” “The Shawshank Redemption,” et cetera). Also, somebody up there mentioned “Requiem For a Dream” - AMAZING. “Fight Club” is also good.

End of Days, Vision Quest…before i listened to it 4 yrs straight, Rocky 4. Plus I think Dracula 2000 and Little Nicky had some pretty good soundtracks…Oh yeah exit wounds and I hear the fast and the furious is gonna be sweet

The BEST soundtrack I have ever heard - and one that incidently is great to train too- is the Conan The Barbarian sountrack. For those that follow professional bodybuilding, you will recognise some of the tracks that pros have used as their posing music.

Some of the best tracks include Riddle Of Steel Riders, and Anvil of Crom. Download them off the net and have a listen to them.

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