Sounding Off

Hey guys, just needed to let out some steam. I know the moderators dont want us mentioning certain competitors, 'cause they dont want to give them a forum. And normally I agree with that. But I hope they let this go through anyway. I wont mention some names, but it is obvious who I am talking about.
In there latest instalment, they blasted T.C. and Tim on how they look. Well, this site, all they do is talk about T-Mag. They dont even take opposing views on subject matter, they just do personal attacks. There is very little else that they are there for. That site is just a waste of space. Yeah I read it every week, just like they read T-Mag every week. And every week I have to say “what is the reason they are even on”.

And now for Mentzer. i am sorry the guy is dead. In his day he had a great build. I agree with him on alot of things (need for strength, recovery, over training). But all in all, you can put into one article on Mentzers bodybuilding phiolosphy. He only has 1 routine, and the only difference from one book to the other is the amount of days rest in between work outs. Other than that it is the same exercises, same routine, same set/rep scheme for each bodypart.
And as for Mentzer and the competitor blasting T.C. and Tim on how they look is moronic. Neither has a bad physique. Sure, neither of them could compete in the Olympia, but so what. That isnt what bodybuilding is about anyway for the masses. Very few people go out and make a living at being the biggest moutain around. Keep up the great work T-Mag for publishing great articles by Brock, Tim, Brian, T.C., John, Cy, Chris etc. And Biotest keep coming out with the best supplements around (when is Brock Clomid type supp coming out? and how about John formulating a supplement to increase insulin sensitivity).

Couldn’t agree more: did Vince Lombardi have a great career as a football player? did Mayo Smith ever even PLAY baseball? (Detroit Tigers trivia here for me and TC to enjoy). Does Bill Parcells look anything like an athlete? Why in bodybuilding, only in bodybuilding, do all the smart people have to be 300 pound, bloated muscleheads who probably can’t walk up four stair steps without wheezing? Sure, it’s great to walk the walk and talk the talk, and we all take pride in ourselves and our workout abilities, our physiques, but it’s not the be-all end-all. If TC spent as much time in the gym as a pro bodybuilder, and as much time eating and resting, he would have little time left to research, write and do all the other TC-things he does! I’ll take brains any day.

Yeah I saw what they were saying in that “issue” and on the board they have and couple things came to mind.
I felt that whoever owns/runs that site has no brains because 99% of the people who work out, read these all these internet sites don’t look like competitive bodybuilders and have no desire to compete.And that includes many people who juice as well. What I am saying here is that when they make fun of the pics put up here last friday they don’t realize that they are insulting potential customers of supplements who are just regular people with some muscle or lots of muscle who have no desire or the genetics to be a freak.Basically the same type of genetics a Tim P or a TC would have or any other regular guy.

Besides that I got the impression from reading that article that anyone who isn't on a gram of test and 10 other compounds a week 6-12 months of the year is not a bodybuilder.Thats total bullshit.

What makes a true bodybuilder is not what he looks like, how big he/she is, how cut, or how many cc’s they can jam up the ass each week.
A true bodybuilder is someone who takes whatever genetic gift or lack of recieved in life and improves the body they have period, whether they are 120lbs soaking wet or a 300lbs freaky juice monkey.

I’m a loyal T-mag follower. I don’t read any other weightlifting/bodybuilding forums, but why do they make a big deal about TC and Tim? Jealousy? Tim has a great physique that many of us would die to have! Who wouldn’t want to be ripped and muscular and not too bulky?? And TC has done quite well too! There will always be critics no matter what. It’s sad that people act that way. A toast to T-mag and staff! Cheers!

The other website even had the balls to rip off the Fat Fast Diet and rename it. Going through some of their back issues it’s obvious that they’re extremely jealous, by the amount of time and energy they expend ripping on T-Mag. In my opinion if you don’t have critics and competitors trying to bring you down than you aren’t successful!

  1. What’s nice about T-mag is the mature approach they take, which is:
    A) The world is a big, wide, wonderful place with a nearly infinite amount of variety;
    B) Because of this, different things work differently for different folks;
    C) We (T-mag staffers & readers) don’t have all the answers; and
    D) Neither does anyone else.

  2. To Mike and Ray, rest in peace. Who knows, there probably is a segment of the populace that made massive progress using only your methods. For those people, you were a blessing. Even for those of us who didn’t find your ways to be optimal, you hopefully forced us to confront our opinions, review, re-evaluate as needed and go on. So from all of us, sincere thanks.

  3. To God: Hope you know a way for Mike and Ray to get over themselves. P.S.: have an unabridged dictionary handy - you’ll need it.

  4. To John K.: Ah yes, Mayo Smith. The 60s Tigers were the 1st team I rooted for. Let’s not forget: Dick McAullife with the World’s Most Open Stance, Gates Brown, Mickey “Am I On the Mound, My Stomach’s Too Big to See” Lolich, Bill Freehan (remember the SI cover with Freehan in the red/white/blue catcher’s gear?) Mickey Stanley, Denny “Jailbird” McClain, and of course Al Kaline…