Great site

This forum is the shit! I’ve learned so much from all the
people on here. It is like sitting in a room full of amateur and
professional bodybuilders. Any questions I can come up with,
somebody has an answer to. Everyone that I know who works
out doesn’t really know a damn thing. Thanks for the support
and information guys. May we all get huge and ripped.

What impresses me most is the fact the big names, ie Bill Roberts, Brock and Chris etc are prepared to devote so much of their time talking to us regular guys. A vote of thanks from me and I am sure from all the other “also-rans” out there in cyberspace. Ta!

Yes! This board is great because the people don’t condescend or slam other people for asking advice. Even the experts are patient and clear with us “new guys”. Thanks, T-mag. (P.S. the hottest girl at my gym adores my “Testosterone” shirt, to my wife’s chagrin, and asked where she could get one. I had two, so now she works out in the “T” shirt too! All the trainers are patting me on the back and asking me where they can get one, also. So in one weekend I’ve sent about 7 new people to this site, and talked 2 into trying Grow next time.)