Single Leg Squat, Pain in My Shins

hey everyone,
im getting pain in a random place the day after I do single leg squats, getting it in my shins.

its not a bad pain just uncomfortable for a day or two, but not like that good pain we get after a good session.

im not going heavy and not doing crazy reps just going slow and steady working on my form.

has anyone else experienced this???

thanks for looking,

My guess is shin splints, or maybe a small tear in the Tabialis anterior.

Did your toes leave the floor when you were coming out of the squat, because it might just be normal soreness in the Tabialis anterior.

You’re new to movement so that’s normal, few weeks and you dont feel nothing

A video of said single leg squats, (not of you since your in pain, but of the same movement pattern found on youtube or somewhere else?)

You stated not going heavy, so a video would be really helpful.