Side Effects of Oral Winstrols

Can anyone tell me the possible side effects of oral winstrols taken 40 mg (20 pills) per day for 50 days? Does winstrol cause testicles to shrink? Thanks you–I really appreciate the input.

Side effects will be pretty minimal at that dosage and for that length of time… if you’re prone
to male pattern baldness it will be accelerated a little,
you could have some acne problems, your blood lipid profile
will temporarily become somewhat worse probably, and some
liver enzymes will be harmlessly elevated.

If you take the dosage only in the morning you will have
no or essentially no testicle shrinkage, but also will
get less gains than if you took four or five doses evenly spaced. If you do the divided dosing, you’ll still probably
not have much testicle shrinkage after 40 days at that
dose, but there’s individual variability and the same
individual can get totally different results with regard
to testicle shrinkage at different times, so there’s
no guarantee.

An approach that works quite well is, just stop when
it starts to look a little alarming in that department.