Shoulder Pain on Press Exercises, Please Help!

So unfortunately I’ve got some kind of injury. It’s in the anterior deltoid area and now push exercises seem to aggravate it. It is something that I felt slight discomfort with even before I started lifting again. Only thing I could attribute it to is the years of sleeping on that side. I started lifting and did what I could and took it easy on incline and OHP. Flat press was never too much of an issue and in fact got to the point to where I could press 100lb dumbbells for reps. One push day however I went a little to hard with inclines and I felt like I exacerbated the issue so I took a few days(not enough apparently) off of press exercises. I then came back and like an idiot went pretty hard on chest thinking I was ok. Back to heavy ass dumbbell press. Ego lifting like a dummy. Any who I felt a (not)funny noise, could have been a crinkle noise or some kind of tear noise. Not 100% sure. Now lifting my left arm above 90 degrees in the front hurts. Lateral raise seems ok and I still have no issues with pull exercises except for heavy curls probably because my form sucks and my shoulders get involved. Will tighten those up obviously.

Gonna get a doctors appointment but with my insurance I have to see my GP first and take it from there. Not super skied about that because I know how long that process can be even before I get a referral to a specialist.

Praying to god it’s not my rotator cuff, but that’s what seems like the culprit unfortunately.

Any insight or experience would be greatly appreciated as I am absolutely devastated right now as I was making great progress and lifting has made a huge improvement on my mental health.

I just resolved what seems to be a similar issue with my shoulder. How is your strength/mobility
in that shoulder? I never really lost any strength but was just limited by pain. Mobility sucked. Turned out to be fluid in the shoulder joint causing impingement. PT saw it on an ultrasound. I never felt a pop or acute pain. Front delt area just started hurting. They ended up giving me a shot of cortisone in the joint and i’m about 98% better.
The only exercises i can’t/won’t do now are overhead shoulder press, fully extended side or front raises and pullovers.
Def lighten up and don’t do things that aggravate it. I know it sucks but you don’t want to prolong it.