Shoulder/Elbow Possible Injury

I’m doing Beast Building Part One, and I started getting a small pain in my right shoulder (I’m left handed) about a weak before then. I just had day two, and while bench pressing my shoulder (right behind the bone, a little knot) and my elbow (palm facing up, right under the inside of my bicep) felt rather painful. Almost like a tugging sensation. I tried to continue, but then decided against it. A hot shower made it feel somewhat better but it wasn’t completely gone till I got home.

I don’t have medical insurance and really would rather not see a doctor (they are all foreign here).

  1. Do I have to give lifting a rest?

  2. Are there any exercises or stretches I can do to help?

  3. If it is at all helpful for diagnosis, it did NOT hurt when I did dips the day before. I do reasonably heavy dips too.


Bump…pain…response would be great.

I’m no doctor, but I play one on TV. j/k

Seriously… rest it. Ice it for 20 minutes 2-3 times a day. My guess is it is somehow bicep related (the bicep connects at the elbow and shoulder).

Have you made huge jumps in poundages used lately? Try to ease into a new program instead of going full steam into it.

Look in the archives (or do a search) for articles on how to injury-proof yourself, as well as rehab techniques.