Should i use Surge during or after this cycle?

First i am 189 lbs with about 13 percent bf.
Secondly,by the way what do you think of this cycle:35 sprays of androsol{lower body}and 35 sprays of nandrosol{upper body}two times per day for 24 days.Then start two bottles of tribex at six capsules per day for 30 days.Now when should i take surge during this cycle and after OR just after to help retain the gains.Oh and has the feedback of stacking androsol and nandrosol been significantly better than either by themselves?

thank you

I would use the Surge while using the Androsol and/or Nandrosol if you prefer to use it only some of the time.

Certainly if we’re talking about statistically significant, the results of stacking Androsol and Nandrosol are not statistically significantly greater than using Nandrosol alone. Actually I think reported gains from Nandrosol alone are probably more. Results from the stack might be more than using Androsol alone but I don’t know (have never actually compiled reported numbers.)

Probably the best reason for stacking would be if the CNS and libido stimulant effect of Androsol is liked, yet a little more results
than Androsol-alone are desired. The best reason for using Androsol alone is because it is most cost-effective. The best reason for using Nandrosol alone is because you want the most gains, want minimum adverse effect with
regard to acne, and don’t miss the libido and
CNS stimulating effects of the Androsol.

hey bill how about using surge in the morning on non-workout days to combat the catabolic fast of sleep

I don’t know. I’m sure it would not be a bad thing to use on waking up, but for all I know
a packet of Grow plus some additional breakfast would be as good or better in that application, for the same number of calories. The muscles are not in the same state they are in after a workout and the BCAA’s and hydrolysates aren’t
getting the chance to be put to best advantage here. At least that is my guess: it’s not something I’ve looked into (whether fast-absorbing proteins and amino acids might be of particular benefit on arising) and I might be wrong, maybe the fast absorption
of amino acids would be beneficial in that application. An interesting idea for sure.


What is the minimum dose of androsol you can spray that you still gain muscle but minimize SE’s?
I just bought nandrosol and androsol and i don’t want to throw androsol away.
I am not going to stack it though. I will use nandrosol first for 70 sprays 2x a day.
(btw, i workout in the morning at 10 am. Should i spray at 8 am or after working out? If after working out is preferred, what time will be the 2nd dose?

Did you guys get your Surge yet? Im still waiting!

The only adverse side effect that I’ve ever
heard reported from Androsol is acne. To my surprise – since every other steroid I know of, I always get e-mails from guys alarmed over hair loss they feel they have suffered from it – I’ve never heard a complaint of hair loss from Androsol. Also, in my own case, hair loss from androgens is always correlated with a little scalp soreness (not surprising since the hair loss is believed to be largely an immunological phenomenon) but Androsol has never caused soreness. Nonetheless, on principle, I have to conclude that Androsol probably speeds the development of male pattern baldness somewhat, just not enough to be really noticeable.

So unless acne is an issue, 70 sprays 2x/day
is fine for side effects. If acne is an issue, for all I know even rather small doses might be aggravating.

Lowest application amount I’ve heard positive
results on, for male users, is 28 sprays once per day, results from this being modest.