Androsol/Nandrosol combo

When using Androsol and Nandrosol at the same time, how should they be used? Under the “Biotest Stacks” recommendations for usage together, it says to spray Androsol in the morning and Nandrosol on at night. I’ve also seen Bill say to spray one on one half of the body and the other on the other half of the body at the same time. Am I losing sight of the forest for the trees here or could there be a legitimate difference?

Doc, there are so many theories and with this stuff being so new, no one really knows. I can give you my personal experience. I used Androsol, 70 sprays twice a day,which is supposed to be stronger than Nandrosol and nothing happened in two weeks. I used Nandro and Andro, mixed 50/50 in the same bottle (due to a recommendation that it might make it more absorbable) and gained 7lbs in three weeks at only 40-50 sprays once in the morning only. Just my experience.

We originally said we expected Nandrosol to be
less powerful than Androsol, while having the advantage of being milder, on the basis of what little animal research has been done on the two compounds. These studies are often off by a factor of two (comparing when two different groups study the same compound reporting different results) and so the fairly small difference between reported values of nor-4-AD and 4-AD was hardly proof that nor-4-AD was less potent in animals let alone in man: but it’s the smart way to bet, it’s the way the evidence is leaning.

Androsol went through a lot of development and we had a lot of time to “play” with it before release, largely because I had bulk 4-AD available and was able to make suitable preparations myself, various experimental batches. This was not the case with nor-4-AD,
where the available raw material was unsuitable, and it took our manufacturer a long time to find how to get it cleaned up. (You’ll recall that Nandrosol’s launch was very delayed: that’s why.) So we were not able to do much testing, not enough to know for sure whether it was somewhat better, not quite as strong, or the same. We were able to tell before release that obviously it did work well but there was just no way to quantify the comparison. So we played it safe, went with the way the evidence was leaning, and told people to expect a little less gains.

In practice, it seems that most users think they make more gains on Nandrosol.

As to the best way to use both simultaneously,
spraying half the body with one and the other half with the other; or alternating whole body usage, I think it’s six of one, half a dozen of the other but personally would rather have a consistent kind of dosing rather than having levels alternate. I’d suspect that any difference in gains would be next to impossible to measure with statistical significance, though.

The thing is, as a general principle, find
what works best, then stay with that. If
Nandrosol alone works best, then don’t go
and alternate and spray with Androsol half
the time, use Nandrosol only. Same if Androsol
alone works best. Or if having equal levels of each in the blood works best, then do it that way every time. This is just my general philosophy.

Thanks for the feedback, Bodz. I’ve actually gone through two two week cycles of Androsol alone before. I’d have to get out my training log to get the exact numbers, but I gained in the neighborhood of 12 lbs. for the first cycle. After that, I lost a few lbs. in the stress of finals, then gained about 9 lbs. on the second cycle. This will be the first time I try Nandrosol, so I’m really just trying to maximize the effects without knowing what really to expect. Obviously, I’m not expecting anywhere near the gains of the first two, but a few more lbs. of muscle would be nice.

I guess this is just going to have to be trial and error on my part. The best part, though, is that, even if I find out that something’s less effective for me, chances are I’ll still be ahead of where I was when I started. Like I said in another post, Androsol alone has worked very well for me. I’m just so eager to try new and exciting things that I couldn’t pass up the chance to try Nandrosol too. We’ll see what happens.

This is slightly off the posted subject, but I’ll chime in, too. I’ve also tried Androsol with exactly zero results, and am just now coming off a Nandrosol cycle, where I’ve gained about four pounds in 12 days. (Haven’t tried them together yet…) My personal feeling, based on reader feedback and seeing others in the gym, is that younger guys, and in particular mesomorphs and endomorphs, gain better with Androsol. Older and/or ectomorphic guys see better results with Nandro. Wouldn’t venture to guess WHY this is, though…

Chris, thanks for the feedback on Nandrosol. I just might try it alone, haven’t done it yet. Yeah, why it would seem to work better on older guys is a tough one. You would think just the opposite. With T higher when younger, then Nandrosol should work better. And with T lower as you get older, that supplemental Androsol should work better. Go figure.

So, reading all these replys makes me think it would be good to mix the 2 in one bottle and spray them on at the same time. Is that correct, is that an alternative. I thought about that, but was afraid that if I mixed them I would chemically alter them to the point that they would not work as well, but it sounds like you can mix them, that would certainly be a lot easier than spraying one and then spraying the other.

If you mix Androsol and Nandrosol together
and spray a film of the usual and correct
thickness, then the amount of each steroid
per square inch is only half the usual, and
it will be exhausted approximately twice
as fast as usual. In other words, I’d expect
delivery to start dropping at about 5 or
6 hours, with still some significant amount
at 8 hours, but probably gone by 12 hours.

Whereas if you spray Androsol on half the
body and Nandrosol on the other half, the
duration of action will be as designed.

Bill, based on your theories of combining the two products, couldn’t you feasibly use this combo for prolonged periods of time? vs. cycling?

The two compounds are similar to the hypothalamus and pituitary, so alternating them would not be cycling, it would just be staying on indefinitely.

I would say they are the same but that may not be the case: since Nandrosol has less CNS effect, and actually the LHRH/LH production is controlled by neurons, differences in effect on nerves might be significant. So maybe Nandrosol is less inhibitory (just a possibility.) However I’d still say you are “on” while on Nandrosol, so it’s not giving you real off time from Androsol use.

Well Bill if I could add my two cents…I mix the two and apply them at 7 am and 7 pm…and have found great results…better than the two seperatly. I have been on the FF diet for 10 days now…and actually seem to be gaining muscle…as hard as I find that to believe. My only issue is that this weekend (as noted in the fast fat string) in my lack of carb induced delirium I dumped about 80% of my brand new nandro bottle off the coffee table while mixing my two new bottles. Having no other nandro, I have about an 80/20 mix of andro and nandro and I am finding that I am having an issue with my temper flaring very easily something I didnt find with the 50/50 mix. The 50/50 mix gave me a nice level of agression, which helped in the gym, but not an “easily set off” agression that the 80/20 blend brings. Just out of curiosity Bill, if you think it is depleted from the body quicker (which I dont seem to find) what about spraying 3 times per day? or is that overkill?

Whopper, interesting observation. I have to add my two cents to this now. When I used Androsol alone, I got very irritable, like a 1000mg/wk test cycle, but no muscle gain. When I mixed the two together 50/50, I gained 7lbs of lean while not working out very hard or eating good.

And to add to my previous post. No irritability with the mix. I used Androsol twice a day at 70 sprays each for two weeks. I used the combo at 50 sprays once a day for the three weeks.

The aggression thing is interesting. When I took Tribex for the first time, I was irritable for the first couple of days. And I thought I was just having a bad day. The same thing with Androsol. I gotta give Nandrosol a try.

I used the two by spraying Andro in the morning, 70 sprays, and Norandro in the evening, 70 sprays, as I believe that was the suggestion I saw somewhere. However, reading this now, is it better to spray 35 of each in the A.m. and then again in the p.m., each on half the body? Also, if spraying one on half the body, can you spray one on legs and the other on torso, or is the absorption different between legs and torso, so that you should actually spray half on the right side, both legs and torso, and the other half on the left side of the legs and torso. Dah, am I making this too complicated or what?

Hyok…Nandro is all good…made me feel happy as hell…and right now I am missing it big time…the 80/20 blend of andro/nandro isnt cutting it…I am going to take someones head off…lol. Just last night had an issue at TGI Friday’s that I am not very proud of…lets just say its a damn good thing he backed down…or it might have been ugly…and I haven’t been in a bar fight in 7 or 8 years!!

Thanks Whopper. I’ll give Nandrosol a try. Your irritability may be partially due to the Fat Fast too. I get really peevish when my blood sugar is too low.

Hyok, trust me it is the andro. I was having dinner (one plain steak…and diet pepsi)…talking with a decent guy…with a bar stool between us. A girl sat between us (and she wasnt a looker really)and we all had some casual conversation Well dude was drinking heavy and I guess he decided to play it up. With glassy eyes…he tells me “you know what…you can go now bro” Well, I can’t explain it…but I lit off. Got up…got in his face and told him NOBODY dismisses me and that if he was trying to get his %^$# wet by showing off he picked the wrong person. Put my hands on his shirt, and told him I wanted to take this outside to teach him some $^%#$ respect. He backed down and started apologizing left and right. Normally, I never would have let some drunk idiot get under my skin…but lately…damn…it doesn’t take much!! LOL!! You should have seen the girls face…I think she personally liked the whole display…go figure! Anyway when I got to my car…I was thinking it over…and couldn’t believe my reaction…honestly, I wasn’t proud of myself at all. I don’t think it is T-man ish for a 6’5" guy to be trying to toss some 6’ non-lifting idiot over a drunken comment.