Should I continue to do deadlifts?

I have heard a lot of people talk bad about Deadlifts. I’m not sure whether to continute doing them. They are the only exercise where i breathe deaply after a set, they are fantastic. I really feel my whole body working.
Are they too risky? I dont use a belt, should i? I weigh 173 pounds and i deadlift 180.

Deadlifts are fine. It’s probably safer to do them without a belt (unless you’re going for a 1 rep max I suppose…) because this strenthens the lower back. If your lower back is stronger, it is less likely to get injured. Deadlifts might be dangerous if you use bad form. Do NOT perform a deadlift like a good morning! Too many guys try to lift way too heavy and they end up using their lower backs exclusively, I would say this is quite dangerous. Neither should your back round at any time during the lift. Deadlifts can be both a leg and a back exersize. If you start the movement the your ass lower done, it’s more of a leg movement (which I personally like doing wide stance). Of course, both muscle groups will be worked to some extent, it’s just a way of focusing the stress more on one or the other. In short, if your form is correct, deadlifts are not dangerous at all! Doing some research on the various forms of deadlift and proper execution thereof is a good idea. Just search the T-mag archives.

They are never done praising deadlifts in T-mag

and squats

and pullups

cus they are all compound exercises…

As for doing deadlifts…if they are done right they are good…

keep doing them…
and from what i heard T-mag say about belts…well just type in weight belt into the search and see what u can find

good luck:)

Deadlifts are an excellent exercise for packing meat onto your legs and back.

As for people talking bad about them or saying they were hurt, it was most likely due to improper from. Something as simple as a dumbbell curl could cause problems if done incorrectly.

I suggest you read Ian King's "Limping" series for information on how to properly execute this exercise. Ian also explained it in a previous "Question of Power." And you can see it performed correctly in his video "Killer Leg Exercises."

And no, you shouldn't wear a belt! A belt is a no-no unless you are lifting extremely heavy weights for a max single.

Right now, your strength levels are fairly low (since you weight 173 and deadlift 180). So no need to use a belt. Follow correct form and strengthen your whole body with squats, good mornings, deadlifts, stiff-legged deadlifts, etc.

You guys are great, many thanks.