Short Cycle (only 8 days)

A friend of mine used this short cycle cause he only had 8 days left before his girlfriend came home.

Day 1: 1 injection primotestone

Day 3: 1 injection sustanon 250 + 25mg anadrol (only 1 half)

Day 5: 1 injection primotestone + 25mg anadrol

Day 8: 1 injection primotestone + 25mg anadrol

Is this any good? Is if safe or is it to much?

Thanks for any help -

You will have elevated testosterone levels for at least two after taking 1 cc of sustanon.

Evidently, the stuff wasn’t working, because if it were, he wouldn’t stop using because his girly forbids him - if that’s the reason.

Stacking anadrol with Testosterone is famous for causing Gyno. Use trenbolene or primo instead.