Shakes after a workout

What do people think about having glucose-based sweets after a workout eg snakes, strawberries and cream, frogs etc. Full of glucose and taste pretty good too.

Don’ snakes and frogs contain blood and guts? At any rate there was a thread last week that was simmilar. The gestalt is, glucose after a workout is good, whether it be from a snake or industrial powder. The key is that you would want to include a fasting acting protein with the glucose for optimum recovery. If you haven’t read the post workout articles, I would suggest you do.

Phatt, you’re right. Anything that contains carbs and protein (I’d rather not eat frogs and snakes though) will do the trick theoretically. I guess for me though, I like the concept of drinking a thick protein shake with some carb/creatine tasty drink afterwards. They are conveniently packaged and tasty…more fulfilling than drinking some Tang mixed with whey protein and creatine.

UHHHH huh huh huh huh…he said “TANG”