Sex Drive

Hello All, I am currently on Sust. and Deca. I am fine at present but have a few concerns about my Sex Drive later in the cycle. Can anyone tell me how I can prevent this or even better,is there a safe way to Increase it at will. Also I am 5-11 225lbs. Any “Safe” dosage suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks for all you help.

It’s pretty unpredictable.

If you run into troubles, drop the Deca first,
and keep in mind that it will take a couple
of weeks for levels to have dropped very
substantially, so it takes a while to correct
the problem if Deca is causing it.

You should be fine on the Sustanon at a gram
per week or less, though some lifters suffer
a paradoxical effect where higher doses yield
less libido and they have more libido at 500 mg. It really is unpredictable.