Saw Palmetto

I am 17 years old would this product help me get bigger and lose some fat. Also would it help me grow taller and stop baldness all at the same time. If there is a reason i should not take this would some one please help me out.

Saw Palmetto! Miracle supplement! Taller, bigger, leaner, hairier…all in one bottle! Buy now, for the low low price of 29.95! Thats right, 29.95!

Sorry, kid. It won’t help you do any of that stuff.

Yes, but be sure to stack in with Smilax, Boron and Dibencozide for maximum results.

Johnny, Johnny, Johnny, (read this in the voice of Don Corrleone) Sometime my boy we are all mislead by Gangsters and fast talking salesmen. It’s Ok Johnny, It’s not your fault. You are young and still learning.
Saw Palmetto is for guys like me in their 40’s and up. It is to help keep the prostate healthy. At 17 year of age , when you PEE, you should be able to strip the bark off a tree at 40 paces, because you have a healthy prostate. So save your money for going on a date with some nice Girl. OH and Johnny, One day my son, I might call on you for a simple favor…