Salaries and supplements.

This is definitely out of topic but i wonder so many times how you T-guys manage to buy lots of supplements without getting broke.

If you are willing, please state your current occupation, salary per hour, how many hours/day and per week and how you use your money wisely for supplements.

Thank you.

What if I’m spoiled and my mom buys them all for me?

This gives me the opportunity to say something that’s been welling up in me for quite a while now. Guys ask about how to afford this or that (there have been threads on supps, clothing, etc.). Everyone seems to be looking for ways to economise and stretch a buck. I suggest a different approach: make yourself rich.

Now, before I get flamed all over the place, let me say that I myself am not fabuluously wealthy, and that I spent all of my life up to about age 35 living more or less from paycheck to paycheck. I wasn’t poor, but at the same time I couldn’t afford a lot of the things I wanted (much like the people who want supps but can’t seem to scrounge the bucks). Then I had something happen (which I’m not going to describe here) that changed my outlook completely. I started saving money, came up with a plan to start my own business, and now I can buy whatever I want (within reason). I know that it’s much more difficult for someone young to get going than it is for someone in his 30s or 40s, but it can be done with a little forethought and effort. Here’s the plan: (1) Save some money every month. (2) Look around for something that you like to do, and that there’s a market for. (3) Keep the Golden Rule in mind: It’s always better to work for yourself than to work for someone else. (4) Be willing to sacrifice for a couple of years to set yourself up.

I don't want to sound mercenary, and I know that there are many more things in life than money. But the more you've got, the easier a lot of things get. So why not concentrate on the financial aspect of things for a while? You put an hour a day or so into your body, and most likely your body is better than 95% of the other bodies out there. If you apply the same logic to generating some wealth, you can also be richer than 95% of the people out there. It's not difficult. All it takes is doing it.

Damn u princess! :slight_smile:

I do airline work, just went over twelve yrs with the company. I make $21/hr, am single, no kids, no debts. So my $ is mine to spend or save or invest as I choose. Since bodybuilding is so important to me, I look at it as an investment in my health. Hey, I could pay for vitamins and protien powders now or I could pay doctor bills later in life. Use what your budget allows, but don’t go into debt paying for supplements. I only use Beverly or Biotest stuff with the exception of VitaminC or fish oils which Iget at Sam’s club. If you order from the discount wholesalers over the net you can save considerably. Netrition offers volume discounts, and Tribex can be had for as little as $19 a bottle if you order six or more if I remember right. Bodybuilding is very important to me so I don’t mind paying for quality stuff that works.

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I like what char-dawg said. I too for years said those same things and it’s true. I just got out of a 4 year common law relationship 8 months ago and up until april I was really struggling for many months as we had to wrap up finances on each others ends(moving, old bills and debts etc). I also just went thru 5 years of total poverty(I mean paycheck to paycheck) building up my end of the family business in a new territory as there are no free rides in my family business, you sacrifice, you suffer but in the end if you make it work you get rewarded. And since I moved all of a sudden after 5 years I hit the jackpot. But over those previous 5 years I worked 2 jobs, sacrificed alot because I want things out of life and some things cost money period. So instead of wondering how to afford something if you want it bad enough go out and make yourself be able to afford it.

On a side note it took my dad almost 30 years of hardwork to become wealthy. He worked for years doig side jobs, etc. He risked sacrificed etc so he could afford a better life for himself and his family. After 6 years of building up our business and risking everything( he worked there 23 years before buying it) he was able to kick back and all his money etc he put up as collateral relaeased back to him as the company was paid for and profitable etc. Know what he was able to do? Something he always wanted(which is the point of the thread) He bough a lakefront property(his dream home) and paid for it up front no mortgage etc in nov 1999, and he didn't even decide to sell his old house until a year later which was also paid for years ago by doing all those side jobs.He had the freedom to do this because he knew what he wanted and knew what he would have to sacrifice to do it.

And that applies to your dream car, your dream body, vacations, or supplements.

If there is a will there is a way, just find it and do it.

I like the suggestions on this thread to put effort into becoming economically stable. However, this affords me the oppurtunity to really go into to something that bugs me big time. The same people that complain about supplements being high are also the ones trying to buy all the designer clothes, live somewhere that is to expensive, and make payments on vehicles they should never have thought of purchasing in the first place. If you want to have a great body naturally, you don’t necessarily need supplements. However, they make everything eaiser and allow you to reach your goals much faster. Set your priorities and try to cut back on things that don’t really mean that much to you. If you truly want to have those supps, you can always manage your budget to get them. Priorities are what it all boils down to. A real warrior in the gym is going to be focused enough to get those supplements instead of worrying about material needs that he/she doesn’t honestly need.

Actually I am a babysitter this summer. This question is sort of misleading, since I am sure there are people who cook 6 meals a day, as in chicken breast and rice. Then there are lazy people like me who use a lot of mrps and protein/oatmeal/flax drinks, so naturally such a protocol calls for more money spent on supplements. Has anyone listen dollar amounts?

Princess has a good point. The more you spend on food, the less you’ll probably need to spend on supps, and vice versa. The question should be: how much do you spend on food AND supps per month? But again, however much it is you can make yourself able to afford it…

For a while there we were spending $200 - $300 every two weeks for supps. After making a detailed budget to start saving for retirement (always said we’d start when Hubby turned 30) we realized just how much we were spending for only marginal benefits. With the exception of tribex and androsol, we are going to drop supps for a while and just work really hard. I wanna see just how much different it is without supps. We are keeping andro and tribex though, because before those two Hubby had all the signs of low T and no sex drive. Now that he’s a wild man again - we’re not giving them up. As for income, we are a pretty typical family with a house, two cars, two kids and no other bills. We are a single income family and he is salaried just under 70K. That, though, could be changing very soon for the better with a new job prospect.

This is a good thread to keep near the top.

I used to use Tribex, MD6, Androsol and Grow. This gets expensive. Frankly, I don’t want to work and all I focus on now and have been since college is to get myself out of the workplace.

If you haven’t gotten your expenses in order, have a monthly budget that allocates fixed amounts and you pay yourself (i.e. save X dollars or invest x dollars monthly), you can’t complain about your finances because you yourself can’t possibly know your finances.

I dropped all supplements except AP and that lasts my wife and I 6 weeks. I got my nutrition in order 5 months ago and have had more consistent gains then I did before.

As far as job goes, I do well. That’s not good enough. The internet is a wonderful thing. There are so many ways to earn a “salary” from the web if you do your research and put the same commitment into that as you do your body. Look to build some type of business that provides an income stream and shoot for $50/mo profit and go from there.

Six figures on the side is a achievable. I know people who write a semi-monthly group of newsletters pulling 70 G’s a year.

It can be done. And don't make excuses,......they are like assholes....everyone's got one. You can get your own web -site, build it and promote all for free so can be done.

I’ve used tibex, androsol, grow, creatine occassionally, and I am planning on getting Methoxy-7 and T-17E and Dilandren when they come out.
I am a broke ass college student who works 22-28 hours a week for 10/hour. I will usually put off buying something else so I can by fuel for my body.

I spend a fair amount on supplements. Fortunately, I have a great job in business development in the Dotcom world that affords me a great lifestyle. In addition, I write article on fitness on other topics to enhance my income. For example, t-mag paid me $300.00 for the article that I wrote for them on Combat Conditioning.

I’m a high school student and I make $125 per month working 3-4 hours per week. I would take on another traditional summer job and web site design or work at an ISP, but I didn’t want to. I would rather read and learn. I keep track of all my spending. I only buy expired protein for supplements, which really keeps the bill down. I cannot work during the school year, my school does not allow it. I am very reasonable about most things parents usually buy for kids (clothes from Wal-Mart and thrift store, no car, 2 pair of shoes, etc) so they are generous on food and buy me all I want. Next summer I may work for an ISP or web site design full time, which would pay minimum $250 per week. I’ve heard the big contracts pay 1 million per year for a site.