Rules to Live By


All right. I’m pissed off. Lately I’ve seen a lot of shit that I’m not happy with, both on this forum and in “real life”. Here are a few general guidelines that a few inconsiderate assholes have forgotten.

1. Women are not to be referred to as bitches. That female that you casually refer to as a “bitch” is someone’s sister, mother, girlfriend or wife. Treat them accordingly. There are exceptions, however. They can earn the title of “bitch” by either (a) cheating on you, (b) stealing your car, or (c) selling your guns to a pawn shop while you’re out of town. Until then, treat them like a lady.

2. Don’t leave your garbage lying around for others to pick up. You’re grown. Pick it up your damn self. Some kid left his Burger King wrapper on a bookshelf in the mall tonight. I tracked him down and told him that unless he was a very tall six year-old, he had no excuse. Tonight was only the second time in my life that a younger person has called me “sir”. It felt good.

3. Pull your pants up. I don’t care how cool your friends think it looks, if your crotch hangs down to your knees, you look like a fucking moron. In twenty years, you’ll look back at pictures of yourself and wonder why you ever thought it was a good idea. While you’re at it, spin that baseball cap around.

4. Cell phones are NOT to be used while driving, unless you have a hands-free unit. Most people can’t drive for shit without the added distraction. Also, if you bring a cell phone into a theater or a nice restaurant, do everyone a favor and turn the ringer off. If you absolutely must make or take a call, go to the bathroom. Unless you’re the President or Donald Trump, it can wait.

5. There is absolutely no excuse for treating a waitress, waiter, or any other service person abusively. They bust their asses catering to unrealistically demanding people for shit pay. So you don’t like your meal? Then by all means, send it back, but don’t be a prick about it. One rule that I have incorporated into my life: I never piss off the people that serve me my food and drink. Think about that one for a second.

6. If you paid attention to #3 and #4 and turned your baseball cap around and turned off the cell phone before entering that restaurant, good for you. Now, before you go inside, take the baseball cap off.

7. Respect your elders. They’ve been around longer than you.

8. No matter your political affiliation, respect and thank military veterans. It is because of them that you have the freedom to burn the flag, protest wars, and generally shit on this country in the first place. A lot of them, because of what they have seen and done, don’t particularly like America either. But they fought for her so that you could live as you do, and that’s all that matters.

9. Speaking of the flag, if you’re going to display it, please learn how to do so properly. It is not to be flown at night without proper lighting, is not to touch the ground, and should always be folded properly before putting it away. A lot of good men have died so that you can fly that piece of cloth. Please do it correctly and with the proper respect.

10. Remember rule #1? Okay, add these ones to it: Homosexuals are not “fags” any more than blacks are “niggers”, Jews are “kikes”, Mexicans are “spics”, or Italians are “wops”. Treat everyone as you would be treated yourself (now I KNOW I’ve heard that somewhere before).

11. Finally, allow an Irishman to rant. He needs it once in a while. Especially when he misses his woman.


I find that most guys who toss around the word bitch are either immature teenage white kids who listen to rap (probably virgins) or fat guys who’ve been rejected a lot by women and now resent all of them. I’m always surprised about the hostility many women recieve when they give their opinion on something on this forum. There’s a lot of insecure guys out there. And yes, many more brave “internet tough guys”.

Couldn’t have said it better myself.

Well, Dick, I like your rules as a “BobCat”, Veteran, and an Irish/Scotsman.
But please encourage the kids to wear their pants low. It makes them easier to catch when the are running from the law. We also like sneakers that light up and those fancy lights on cars. :wink: And remember, not only was Mr. Murphy an Irishman, but he was optimist.
Best of Luck.

Demo, I am pretty sure I already abide by all your rules except #7. I do not blindly respect anyone. Upon meeting someone I will be cordial and treat that person as I would like them to treat me but that does not mean they have my respect. Respect is earned through many different pathways. Now I may learn something that another person has done in his/her lifetime that will earn them my respect. There are some older people I have met that do not have my respect and probably will not. And honestly I just don’t think “they have been around longer than you” is a very good reason in the first place. Now my rant is over. BTW, I have known since I was a child that you are not supposed to wear a hat inside but I have never known why. Got any answer?

DEMODICK: I agree 100%. But I have a question what if your banging a gal and she wants you to call her your little bitch is it okay then? Heheheh. :wink:

Were you refering to the Irish flag or the American?

Here’s another one you could add to your list. People who jump from being one nationality to another just to suit their personal needs at any given time.

Are you getting a little old and crabby. But it is the new trend to call them birds not bitches hard to keep up I know but give it a go. As for leaving crap for other people to clean up I am with you there.

Marcinko himself would be proud Demo!

You make some valid points. However, I don’t particularly like #7. It sounds something my sunday school teacher would have said years ago. Some people, old or young, do not deserve my respect.
I spent several years working in the food service/restaurant sector and I agree that you should NEVER upset those preparing your food.
BTW what do you have against backward caps?

Whatever flag one chooses to fly should be flown properly and paid the proper respect. And no, I am not switching nationalities. I’m a U.S. citizen of Irish descent. I will never fly the Irish flag above the U.S. flag, if I ever fly it at all (which is doubtful).

With a name like that, you're runnin' your mouth pretty reckless.

You’re right. Gay men are to be referred to as “turd burglurs”.

A very solid message Demo, Thanks for sharing. To Zero: While I agree that respect must be earned, I think Demo was most likely refering to showing basic respect and consideration for a fellow human being. I also agree that the few guys on this forum who like to refer to women as bitches or other derogatory names, need to grow the fuck up and be men.

Well said Demo. Unfortunately except for a few pecker-heads here, I think you are preaching to the converted. The assholes that need to take a long hard look at these rules will probably not adopt them anyway. Good rant though. Thanks.

“With a name like that, you’re runnin’ your mouth pretty reckless.”

Are you insinuating I’m a homosexual and because of that should know my place and shut my mouth?

You definitely arent a bigot, unfortunately you’re a hypocrite.

I agree with your rant as well. Just a minor point (and yes,I’m being an obtuse ass for even bringing it up), but Puerto Ricans are called spics, Mexicans are called wetbacks. And they should be called neither.

Don’t tell me how to live my life. Idiotic rules. The only rule is do whatever you want as loing as it doesnt harm others.

Your obsession with controlling the thoughts and behaviors of others is indicative of your statist philosophy of utopian social structure.

And, contra your socialist, collectivist thinking, the only proper ways to display the American flag are ablazed and upside down.

Mike the Libertarian, do you live in America? If you do, why?

I live by all those rules, except for wearing my cap the right way. Yeah I wear it backwards, I do however take it off when I go inside. Why does the cap backwards get older guys so pissed off? If you want to say it looks dumb, trust me… me with a cap the right way looks far worse then a cap backwards. :wink: