RUGBY revisited

Any more T-MAG rugby players out there?
Hello again, repost this time so i don’t have to scroll through 4 pages of forum to get to the post… if there are any more Rugby players out there give us a post with where you play, what position, and what you find has worked for your rugby with regards to training.

DL: if you read this i played Pony’s (ponsonby) in 2000 and University before that. had a year off last year due to injury. Started training again this year. it was going pretty slow so i hooked up with Coach Davies for a rugby program. hard yakka but the results were pretty fast and impressive. i greatly recommend Coach Davies, but not however, if you’re playing in the same competition as me, unless of course we’re on the same team. Coach is ON-TO-IT! i was rocking on his program until my old injury (compartment syndrome in calves) kicked in. not fault of his and he’s still helping me with training. He will respond personally and answer any question anytime. and no he’s not paying me. ! So… Where do you play mate? are you a kiwi…

krakkerz...hello across the Tasman. i don't know if you stole ALL of our cute chicks, but granted most of them.....its ok though, coz when we go on tours to Aussie not only do we get to win all the footy games (all blacks aside) the chicks really seem to miss real men and good times are-a-plenty! strange i admit since they went over there in the first place....although maybe it was just for the weather and shopping.

i play for three different teams, but my primary one is in western new york. i’m an outside center, though i’ve tried wing forward and i really enjoy that. i haven’t added anything specific to my lifting for rugby, switching between forwards and backs (i’m pretty much a utility player) prevents me from focusing on working for one specific position. i just stick to general full body work and plenty of cardio.

ahhh, rugby folk - the worldwide community. I just finished playing 5 years of varsity rugby at the University of British Columbia and now play in the BC Premier League. Currently, I’m at inside center, but have played flank and every position in the backline except for scrumhalf. I would have to agree that there are many many beautiful young females in Oz, but never having been to NZ, I shall reserve judgement…Good to hear from fellow T-rugs!

I play flanker, and I’m second jumper, in Washington DC. For some reason started the fall season at flyhalf. I’ve been working w/Coach Davies too, made incredible progress.