RTX Core Cooling System

heres the company, it explains a lot.

this video also explains it pretty well. (second link down on page)

I thought i would start a new thread about this, because even though one already exist, the first post was to a crappy article. So instead of informed discussion of the system, the focus of that thread seems to be a reference made comparing it to steroids.

“So why not just stick your hand in a bucket of ice?”
“If you stick your hand in a bucket of ice, the tempature shock causes your blood vessels to shut down, its your bodies was of preventing heat loss”

Thats not an exact quote, as it was from the video and I can’t type fast enough to keep up.

The vacuum might also have an effect on the circulation in the hand, opening up the vessels more.

They also referred to the device as low-tech, making me think it would be fairly inexpensive.

I sent an e-mail to the Avacore people and I’ll report back when I find out how much this contraption cost.

And here is another much more reliable looking article from the new york times about it.


“A vacuum in the CoreControl chamber enlarges the vessels to help prevent vasoconstriction, the same
phenomenon that causes fitness enthusiasts to keep sweating after a cool shower. If exposed to extreme
cold, the body thinks it needs to retain heat, a fact that explains why plunging a hand into a bucket of ice is
also ineffective in shedding body heat quickly.”