Ronnie Coleman Wins Mr Olympia.

4 years straight, anyone who front squats 585 for 4 reps deserves to win:-). Congrats.

Oh, it’s a powerlifting contest now? I thought it was about looking good? Or is it a bloated gut contest now? :slight_smile: Just messin’ with you, SLAINE!

Las Vegas, NV, Saturday, October 27, 2001

  1. Ronnie Coleman
  2. Jay Cutler
  3. Kevin Levrone
  4. Shawn Ray
  5. Chris Cormier
  6. Orville Burke
  7. Dennis James
  8. Dexter Jackson
  9. Nasser El Sonbaty
  10. King Kamali

Jay shouldve won. Ronnie should be banned for having that gut.

Slaine: Gotta go with TEK on this one…I THOUGHT these things were supposed to be PHYSIQUE contest (i.e. a measure of symmetry, lines, muscle fullness and the way they blend, etc). But you know what? You’re probably right and I’m wrong. Come in the biggest and most bloated and you’ll probably win these days. Yada, yada, yada…I know…who wants to see the “average” physique? I don’t, really. But sure would love to see an AESTHETIC and SYMMETRIC one win.

Naive on my part? Probably so…Maybe I need to wake up and smell the Deca…

There’s no doubt that Jay Cutler and even Levrone looked much better than Ronnie.
The judges decisions were a big joke.

I can’t believe that Cutler placed that highly. Are there pics up anywhere that we can see? Well, I guess he must have made some serious improvements to have done that well…congratulations where congratulations are due. Still, I’m with Mufasa on this one (as in soooo many other areas…). If there isn’t any proportion and symmetry to a physique, who cares how big or ripped it is? And I don’t believe that people like, f/instance, Shawn Ray and Lee Labrada are anything near “average”.

I was hoping Kamali would finish in the top 5. Well, he beat out Titus. That means there still is going to be more bickering among the two.

Does anyone know if Ronnie Coleman fell to the ground and cried when he found out he won?

Well he did fall to the ground, as usual. But being that my connection was a 56 k there was no way for me to tell if he cried or not, not that it matters to me.

Levrone was robbed and this is not the first time. The judges are just lazy and doing what they’ve been for years–picking the same guy over and over and over. Just like with Dorian, if the guy looks awesome the first year he wins, he just has to come in with a third place physique years 2-5 and get an easy win.

I think Ronnie looked awesome in 1998, but ever since then his gut has been getting bigger and bigger. I suppose ever since Dorian the judges have looked for who is the frakiest and if that is the case Ronnie should win for a few more years to come because he just blows everyone away when it comes to that. I just cant believe the size of the guy in most of the pictures i see of him. He has the best biceps, back and glutes i have ever seen, its just that stomach that ruins the whole physique.

Char brings up a great point, and Shawn Ray is a prime example. I’m not suggesting “little” physiques at all. And let me tell you; Ray IS NOT a little man. If you are able to look at some contest pics (there are some on the “Flex Mag” site), check out Ray’s symmetry and lines on his front double biceps and compare it to Coleman. There is a difference of night and day. However, based on today’s criteria, Ray will never win.

Slaine’s lookin’ at Ronnie’s glutes…HA-HA!

This is the extent of my intellectual addition to the conversation :slight_smile:

Mufasa, my friend, I am sorry, but you are incorrect once again. You need to wake up and smell the HMB!

It was rigged. I was robbed. And Arnold never beat me in Australia.

Doe’s anyone really want to look like these bloated, big gut, synthol scarred, non- functional-muscle-mass-having, big-for-nothin,
body builders? If you do, follow your bliss.
To each his own. But I’d prefer to have my training enhance my life rather than turn me into a freak.

Well, I checked out the pics posted on the flexonline site, and I have to say that Jay Cutler’s improvement is about the most astonishing I’ve ever seen for an advanced athelete. He used to look blocky and sort of dis-proportionate, but now…wow. Again, credit where it’s due. I too was hoping that Kamali would do better, but it’s only his first time out. We’ll see how he does next year. Anyone hear what happened to Lee Priest? And to echo Mufasa on Shawn Ray, yeah, if you ever see that guy in the flesh, you’ll be amazed. I think that there should be another type of BB contest, one in which physical beauty (proportion, symmetry, lines, general flow of the physique) counts. Like the old Grecian ideal. Then people like Ray would get the recognition they deserve. Personally, although I want to get as large as possible while still being reasonably defined, anything that has a long-term negative impact on my waist line is just out of the question.

the olympia is pretty lame. it’s always the same guy who wins it every year. remember when Lee Haney won it 8 times in a row? God! How boring was that. It looks like we’re going to have to see Ronnie Coleman again on the Tonight Show and talk about how he eats pizzas and burgers, and how he got himself down to 0 percent bodyfat. Remember when he said all that?

C’mon. Ronnie was the first one out and it was over right there. The guy is huge,cut, and symetrical. Cutler was close but how the fuck did Shawn Ray finish fourth?? He’s looked the same for five years now. Marcus Ruhl got robbed. 14th place?? The guy was huge.
I’m so glad Juliette Bergman won the womens show. She has such a classic and doesnt look like a he-she.