Rock Bottom Squats

I squat rock bottom and stop at the bottom for a two second count when I squat. Doing this I wear no equipment. I have a goal of 400# at 185 at 5’10. I am at 315 x5 and 385 x1 now. I follow a 40-30-30 diet plan with no extra supplements. I benched 320 with a pause and no equipment as well.

I love doing this and would like to see what others are doing.

Just so you know, Poliquin says that he knows of only 5 guys in the world who can full squat 500lbs. I was at a seminar where he said he always gets emails from guys saying their full squating 400 or 500 and he replies send me a video, and they always fall short of full squats.

Leonid Taranenko did 380kg (837lb) in the exact same style you say you do yours, rock bottom with a 2 sec. pause, so what’s so impressive about 385? He was an olympic lifter, wouldn’t have used more than a belt & didn’t even specialize on the squat either.

Drax I don’t think he was bragging about squatting at all. At least that is the impression I got. I don’t see why people can’t give credit when it is due. Most lifters can’t squat 385 rock bottom with a pause.

keith i dont really believe that poliquin thing, i believe it is drastically misquoted by everyone. To my knowledge every single heavyweight Elite Olympic lifter can easily full squat 500lbs and theres a lot more than 5 of them.

Unger-I just thought that with talk being so cheap in an internet forum there’s no point in putting up numbers because you don’t need anything to back it up. Last time someone asked ‘how much do you bench’ people were saying things like a schoolbus & semi truck, etc.
dman-I’ve only got the 1995 training hall tape but there’s still some huge squats on it & they’re all as deep as they can get, like Lara(77kg) front squatting 230, Yotov(also 77) doing 270 or Weller(super) front squatting 250 EXTREMELY easily & all are thighs-to-calves. Where/why did Poliquin say that?

Heck, I can rock bottom full squat 1000 pounds. I deserve the title of Dr. Squat, not that Hatfield guy. As for the pause, 2 seconds is nothing. I can pause for hours until someone comes and rescues me.

Yeah, you are right Drax. The only thing you can really do is ask them to go squat in a powerlifting meet then you would know. BTW I squat 3’’ past rock bottom, but we don’t have enough plates in my gym to really find out what my max is. So I just use the leg press machine and my max is about a 1000 or so. Jk

I am sorry you misinterepeted Drax. I was merely curious to see what others are doing to bench mark myself. I no longer compete in powerlifting and just train in my basement. My best squats were over 700 pounds in Powerlifting competition.