Roberts, Berardi, HELP!!!!!!!

I have been dieting for 6 months on gear. I am 200lbs with less than 10%bf (down from 270lbs 22%)
I am on 1G of Test per week.
I basically ate 3 carb meals (1-3=one of them was Surge after training) And 2-3 P & F meals after that. My totals have been around 2K calories daily, 150g carbs, 200g Protein and very little fat.
What now? I am still on gear but afraid if I go to like 3K I will balloon back up! (I was cursed with a VERY stubborn metabolism for losing and gaining fat! even at 270lbs 4k daily made me gain weight)
I was thinking of keeping carbs at around 200g daily with 3-400g PRotein daily following the massive eating like guidlines that I have followed. (I am guesing the rxtra protein will really help the Anabolics pack on a little more muscle-I really don’t want to go on an all out bulking phase I want to stay lean!-and actually need to stay lean for my job)

just eat 1g per lb of carbs & 1.5g of protein per lb of bodyweight-keep doing the cardio-grow slow & STAY lean baby!

You went from 270 w/22%, to 200 w/10%, meaning you lost 40 lbs of fat and 30 lbs of muscle…how’d you mangage to lost so much muscle on 1g of T per week? That’s rough, man.

Well my bf is really lower than 10% I only lost about 12lbs of LBM and most I assume was water bloat from high carbs-I’ll tell ya I look 100 times better now than when I was pro size…


When not gaining muscle rapidly, which
you’re not going to be in this situation,
I don’t think you need as much protein
as you’re getting, yet you’d benefit
from more carbs and perhaps from more
EFA’s and DHA/EPA.

I don’t think you should have a problem
with 3000 cal/day though you may not
lose any fat at all at those calories.

Why the hell have you been on gear for 6 months, do dislike having balls? Besides that why the hell are you using test to stay lean? Try something like Winny or Clen, and maybe, just maybe, you should do something called “cardio.” Just a suggestion.