Rip-Off by TTkkyo in Mexico

Exchanged emails with salesperson at TTkkyo in
Mexico, and sent cash to stipulated addresss,
ensuring it would be received. I never received
the promised merchandize. Contacted them and never got reply. I think they are
dishonest thieves. I recommend you not deal
with them.

OK, I don’t know anything about this company
other than what I’ve heard from some people (none of which has been bad so far but then
again I don’t try to look into these things, not really having the time or interest.)

But I can tell you that any time you order from another country, the most honest people in the world can put your order in the package, and you never receive it. For example, a few years back a friend placed an order from some Primo, and was completely convinced he got cheated since nothing ever arrived. About 8 months later, he got a letter from customs saying it had been seized 7 months ago. So, he was convinced he was cheated, but he wasn’t. This sort of thing is common.

It may be that the only problem here is that they don’t return e-mail reliably, and that’s hardly unusual.

Obviously if other people have problems too, then the explanation probably is that you got cheated. At this point though it could equally well be that your stuff simply got nabbed.

I had a similar experience. I agree we not
support this merchant.