GUYS! I need a picture or pictures of Mike Mentzer as he looks today. Extra points awarded if he’s either eating a donut or smoking a cigarette. In exchange, you get your choice of either a Testosterone leather jacket, a box of Krispy Kremes, or a carton of Lucky’s (the last two are in case Mike himself sends in some photos). I’m serious! Send pics to me via e-mail, or to Tim via snail mail (2155 Reliable Circle, Colorado Springs, 80906).

Good Timing, TC. I’m on the disabled list this week post-surgery, so I’ll have plenty of time for your sadisticly satisfying scavenger hunt. Lata.

"MB Eric: What he misses most is the Sucralose, cuz Grow! is like his Blow since 2000."


TC-I’ll get on the lookout. Why, besides the comedic value, do you want a pic of him? And, if he’s reading Ayn Rand, do we get something special? Hehe

John, I don’t want to tell you why we need the pic yet, but believe me, it’s justified.

Also, I want to clarify something about the reward before I find myself in a heap of trouble. We’ll give a jacket out to the person who submits a photo or photos that we end up using. Obviously, we can’t give jackets out to everyone who sends in a pic. Don’t know if I needed to make that clear, but just in case…

Hrumphhh. Well then I guess I won’t submit the picture I have of Mike sitting on the can, smoking weed and reading Body For Life with a picture of Bill Phillips over the toilet. :frowning:

AHA! so its true the T in TC stands for Tyler, this reeks of a sneaky devious plan, I like it. What about ringing him up and saying that you’re from M+F and doing a grunge style photo shoot showing people doing HIT pigouts, he could even wear sunglasses and a bandana inside if he wants.

I think "Green Peace"may have taken some photos of him back in
October when they rescued him from a Russian whaling ship!

C’mon, someone’s GOT to have a photo of this guy! I’m talkin’ a Testosterone leather jacket here! Lambskin. Lined with Britney Spear’s panties. Badass in general. I may even end up accepting a photo cut out from a magazine if I don’t get something soon.

I have no clue where to begin or I’d try to find one. I’d love to give my man that jacket. The look on his face would priceless.

A while back Mentzer threatened to assault
me physically in response to some statements
I’d made about his then-current condition, mental health, and bizarre statements. He didn’t have my address so nothing came of it. Maybe I ought to e-mail it to him, and then
snap a pic when he shows up?

Oh Shit! I know I have a pic of Mentzer smoking a cigarette in a brown suede jacket somewhere! I’m not gonna say what magazine it was in, but I’m gonn search for it now since I’ve saved a lot of that stuff.

Are the panties soiled or unsoiled?Hey, let’s be fair to Mike.
If any of us trained like him,(for 20 min every 8 days with
no cardio,) we would be just as fat and out of shape as he is!
Thanks to Mike, I haven’t purchased a copy of Iron Man Mag
in 2 years. (Wow-I saved $144-thanks, Tubby!)

Mike is so sad. The cover of his new book still has pics of him from back in the day. Nothing wrong with that really, it’s just sad to see him hanging on to a lifestyle that’s clearly over for him. And he’s still ranting about the 1980 Olympia and Ayn Rand. Hey, I like Ayn Rand, but I don’t talk about her every single hour of my life! Get a life, Mike!

I read an interesting interview with Chris Dickerson in last months Ironman. He said that Mike wasn’t even second to Arnold in the '80 Olympia. Apparently, Dickerson came in second and Mike was third or fourth!

Just to set the Olympia record straight, after Arnold at the '80 contest it was Dickerson, Zane, Coe and THEN Mentzer (Roger Walker took 6th). How’s that for a memory, eh?

Thanks for the correction Char-dawg

is this bounty still up for grabs?

In Mentzer’s “mind” I’m sure that Dickerson and Zane didn’t count, since they were in the lighter weight division (at the time, the Olympia had weight divisions unless I am totally confused.) He probably didn’t believe that Boyer Coe really beat him either – I mean, Boyer has no linea alba, due to a genetic
anomaly, and that does hurt his appearance. I haven’t seen the pictures of Coe from that contest but I’d be surprised if Mentzer didn’t look better.

Compared to Arnold? Sorry, Mike, Arnold would
always beat you. When he’s 80 years old and you’re 70 or 75, he’ll still beat you. He’s got you beat today too. Not that he’d win contests today by any means, but he’s in better shape than you, whether from the standpoint of aesthetics or health. I’m sure you outweigh him though.

The most delusional thing of all though was not Mentzer claiming (ad nauseum) that he deserved to win the 1980 Olympia. It was Tom Platz claiming in various advertisements that he was Mr Olympia – which he never was. He was doing that sometime back in the early 90s.

Does Mentzer ever show up to BB contest anymore? I read somewhere that somone saw him smoking at the last Olympia. Just one drag to complete failure I’m sure!

Damnit! I think I threw the issue out. It was from around 2 years ago in a Muscle and Fitness with arnold on the cover. Mentzer smoking in a brown jacket.