Lessons for Mike Mentzer

I apologize in advance if I misspelled Mentzer’s last name, I am not sure how it is spelled. However I do believe he taught us a very important lesson. Drinking your own urine in the morning does NOT help you. He did it and he died an early death. So don’t consume your own piss, it will not save you. I am also pretty damn sure it will not help you build any muscle either. Piss is the toxins your body is trying to get rid of. Sure the filtering process is flaw in which some good stuff gets out to, but for the most part it is a bad thing. I will unashamedly call anyone who drinks there own piss is a friggin’ moron.

You know, in the future, when all the polar icecaps melt and the world is covered by water, we’ll be able to piss into a crude filtration device that will turn our piss into water. I eagerly await these days.

so you are saying that Mike died because he drank his own piss?
forget about the genetic heart condition and all that bunk…

Everyone knows the cause of mikes death was the lucky charms he ate in the morning and violent computer games. sarcasm

You guys are high-larious. Mike M Died because he had no “HEART” Fuck his genetics… they were fine. It was karma for preaching all this hardcore Bodybuilding and being a fat piece of shit at the same time. All the mag’s that employed him shoud be ashamed of themselves. I like to listen to people who practice what they preach. Seriously…What were his stats when he died? 300lbs? 40%BF? The piss drinking thing is just icing on the cake for this guy, and probably not the worst part of his diet. Fuck MENTZER and his wack theories.

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D_END- man, you are a total putz. you see any pictures of Mikey b4 he died? He still had the strongman forearms of years past. Just because he taught a different training philosophy than you follow, that makes him stupid? no, that makes you shortsighted and ignorant. Granted, his lust for ayan rand was kinda twisted, but i didnt read his crap for his views on existence, i read it for insight into muscular achievement. I happen to be a firm believer in heavy duty. put on more size with that (`50 lbs) than any other training philosophy. ever.
fuck you, you choad smoker.

Ok, I’m with you 100% on the piss thing, total morons. But eating our own crap is still cool right?

I’ve heard this rumor a couple of times but I’d like to hear the whole story behind it.Is it something Mike admitted to doing or just a rumor?

Mike actually preached this philosphy as a good thing to do. BTW…I never said he died from drinking his own piss I just said it didn’t help him. I think he actually died from drinking somebody else’s piss. and yes, eating your own crap is still ok, everybody does that, right?

Although Mentzer denied drinking piss in his
final interview published in Ironman, I tend to think that he actually did.

He and I got into something of a dispute a few years back, when I had posted something that ridiculed “Heavy Duty” training and himself.
He e-mailed me with threats of physical violence if I ever posted anything about him again, and also in there did make a comment with regard to drinking piss, that “you lack knowledge of the benefits and
should not criticize something you don’t

It seems to me that he wouldn’t have said that unless it was something he really did. Whether he did or not, though, he certainly was at best borderline-insane.

yea i agree — piss has primarily toxins removed from the body-- dont drink it. DA_man, i got news for you bro, some people (like you) think of ways to train as “philosophies” and everyone has a right to their own philosophy right? Well Mentzners “philosophy” doesnt have any sound scientific or real world proof to back it up and therefor people trash it.

show me some scientific research for any training method. i mean university studies comparing training methodoligies. not this guy got good results doin this and this guy didnt… Use a little logic and you will see how much sense heavy duty or HIT type training makes. and his conclusions were drawn from experience with training clients. doesnt get much more methodical than that. get your head out of your ass dman.

I cant believe all you guys dissing a man who can’t defend himself…real brave. Bodybuilding is full of wild and interesting people, Gironda, Ripper Ross, Weider, the Mentzers, Duchaine, Clarence Bass, Arthur Jones, Elington Darden et al. Just because their training theories aren’t the usual mainstream bullshit that is followed by sheep to stupid and too chickenshit to try something new that might just work, doesn’t make them morons, or odd balls or whatever. These people put their reputations on the line to help us, the bodybuilders, be the best that we can be. We should be grateful, learn from them what we can and not diss people who put thier heart and soul into bodybuilding. Show some fucking respect for the dead and the living.

If you were borderline-insane while alive,
you and your actions don’t suddenly turn into having been sane just because you died.

It would be nice if your legacy somehow got
transformed by rose-colored glasses but actually people tend to, and really ought to, continue viewing your life as accurately and fairly as they can even after you’re dead. So if you were a nutcase, you’ll probably still be viewed that way.

In other words, just because Mentzer died doesn’t change the crazy e-mails he sent me while still alive.

the most obvious thing -da man- would be anecdotal evidence. DO ANY pro BBers, or any strength athletes that are any good use his methods!? - no! Yates even said that he follows a relatively normal BBing program, nothing like HIT although Mentzner woulda had you believe otherwise. The other most noticealbe problem is well the name HIT its a misnomer.

I absolutely agree with you that people should be viewed for their belief and actions, not whether they are dead or not. But I do have to say that, very often, people are made out to be saints once they die. When have you ever heard of someone losing a loved one to a murderer saying, “Actually, he was just an ordinary guy who lived an unremarkable life. Most people would never even miss him…but I do because we’re related?” I guess the manner of death matters too…

I really liked Mentzer.Yes,he was quite off with some of his theories but he seemed really sincere in wanting the truth always and wasn’t afraid to challenge the orthodoxy.He seemed really excentric/crazy but such people are the interesting ones,aren’t they?

Oh, I agree, Berzerker. I would wish
that Mentzer had had good friends, love,
and happiness in his life and to whatever
extent he did, I’m glad he did. I don’t
at all think he was a fundamentally bad
person or anything like that, and definitely
don’t feel he was someone that I’d ever
wish a bad thing on. He probably had a very
good heart from what I can tell. It’s sad that he had the other problems that he did.

I was just saying, it’s not reasonable to
demand we pretend those problems weren’t
there, just because he has now died. They
were and they do have a lot to do I think
with what he is most known for – his writings.

you say that people shouldn t drink their own piss. I agree. but why do people drink milk? it s cow piss! isnt it?

I’m gonna try channeling Mike’s spirit here (remember these aren’t my words, so don’t get pissed at me!)…

You’re all illogical, sheep with not even a rudimentary understanding of objectivist philosophy. Why, surely you all must know that the greatest men on earth all drank that potent elixir composed of urine, sulphur and other trace substances called urine (the great Gandhi for one!).

The skeptics and the mystics point out that urine is toxic. Well, my dear friends, it’s all a matter of tolerance, I say. For instance, I know of a fair skinned Scandinavian who would get a sunburn while reading under a 60 watt lightbulb! On the other hand, my dark skinned negro friend would routinely stay out in the sun for days with no ill effect! That proves my theory.

So drink and be merry. But remember to drink all the urine you can and do it only in one sitting!..Lest you break my HIT paradigm. And surely, if we can send a man on the moon, we should be able to replicate such successes in the gym!

p.s. Who do YOU guys think should have won the 1980 Mr. Olympia?

(HIT jedi’s: no offense intended; I was just being satirical…like many, I fully respect the guy even if I don’t agree with some of his theories!)