Retailer Rating

As the largest retailer of sport supplements in the albany area I would just like to share a brief observation of the bio-test line with some supplement buyer’s.
I find the biotest line to be cutting edge, almost as if the guy’s there actually do have some secret’s the other manufacture;s don’t have. Most company’s adds want to make you believe they have some special ingredient that only there scientist’s know about, when in fact all there doing is stealing someone else;s idea’s. When I sell Biotest test product’s I’m 98% positive that person will come back in a week to tell me how great it’s working. Especially the guy’s over 30, they really love the tribex( I’m one of them) You always feel fresh and ready to workout, and it has some added benefits below the belt.
Overall I rate BIOTEST tied for the best company out there. There not out to kill anyone with there price’s and there products just plain work.
I’ll discuss my view’s with anyone who would like to talk any aspect of the lifter’s world.
Sincerely. John Payette