Biotest and GNC

Is there any chance Biotest will start selling Advanced Protein through GNC like they have MD6 and Tribex-500? I hope so, because having the ability to get Advanced Proteiin at a moments notice sure would be convienient. I’ve already bought MD6 there twice.

This is really a customer service question, but I’ll try to help you out. I don’t know the answer exactly (you may want to e-mail Tim directly), but I do know that the trial runs we did with GNC were very successful. Based on that, I would assume that more stores will start to carry Biotest and expand the product line.

And before anyone writes in and says, “GNC is overpriced and you guys are sellouts!” I’ll say this: There are an awful lot of people out there who do not order online for lack of credit card or simply because they don’t want to mess with it. Yes, GNC sells their stuff higher than most online places (or other retail stores) and doesn’t offer any deals like the Biotest store does, but it’s convenient for many people and that’s just the way they prefer to shop. So GNC carrying Biotest stuff is good for everyone.

Im in Michigan, and ive yet to even see Tribex or MD6 in any of the area GNC. Maybe i need to get a job there and start plugging for Biotest…

VCreed - I live in Northern New Jersey and buy all my
Biotest stuff at the Vitamin Shoppe, which usually runs
30% off on ALL bodybuilding supplements, every day.
What’s great about V.S. is that you don’t have join a club,
and you don’t have to wait until the first Tuesday of the
month to get your discount! Plus, V.S. gives you a free VIP
card on which you earn points each time you shop, and in
January they send you coupon based on these points -
sort of like a casino does. Last year my coupon was for
$150. This year I should get one for around $180 to be
used toward future purchases. If they have a location
near you, give them a try.

I’ve recently found Biotest supplements at The Vitamin Shoppe (I live in MA). They have just about everything including a couple of boxes of GROW. YOu could give them a try if they’re in your area.

Scott- “offered incentives”. Hmmm, that’s not one of those payola things TC and Chris talked about in their Dirty Tricks article is it? :slight_smile:

I feel compelled to reply to this thread because I too work for GNC and have for the past 3 years. This is my response to the high priced 3rd party products: GNC’s strategy is solely based on promoting and selling the house brand, such as Pro Performance products and vitamins like Mega Men. And yes, we do get “incentives” for selling some GNC products. Therefore, third party products are simply priced at the recommended retail value that the manufacture suggests. In my opinion GNC’s products are very high quality and when you take advantage of our everyday BOGO deal (buy one get, get one half price) and add the 20% Gold Card discount on top of that, it’s an incredible deal. Take for instance our 100% Whey Protein. It’s 49.99 for 6 lbs. Buy two for 75.00. Take 20% from that and you get 60 bucks. That’s a pretty good price for 12 lbs of whey. Though we cannot compete with online retailers even with the 20% discount on 3rd party products, GNC is certainly worth its convenience and discounted house brand products.

didn’t read the article TEK. what i mean is if Biotest or GNC gave me a $1 or $2 incentive for a certain product I sold, say Tribex, I could be helping the customer by selling a quality product, as well as improving my income. i am offered incentives on products, including GNC ones. however, i don’t persuade someone to buy a shit product, like deer antler velvet extract because i would make $1 off of it. i lean towards focusing them on what works and usually they have incentives too. would be nice though if my store carried Biotest. very nice!!

Only the top 500 stores in the GNC company are carring the Bio-test supplements right now and those two supplements are the only ones corporate stores are allowed to carry you might try a franchise gnc store and have them order the other products for you.

Buy your Biotest products from Vitamin Shoppe. 30% off of bodybuilding this month. We carry all of Biotests products. I am hoping we will get Mag-10 as soon as its available. I e-mailed purchasing and told them to make sure they try to get it soon, but hopefully they are way ahead of me if they have been doing their homework.

Scott-How about this. Try forgetting about the “incentives” and just be honest with your customers. Tell them the truth about whatever supplement they are buying. I am troubled by the idea of GNC giving its employees “incentives” to sell supplements that may be worthless to customers. This has long been a pet peeve of mine. I don’t buy anything from GNC, but when I do ocassionally walk through the store to look around while I’m at the mall, I always sem to be swarmed by “GNC salesmen” who attempt to “enlighten” me on the “best deals” and the new wonder supplements.

i work for nutrisport,and my eyes were truly opened when i started there. i know how much we get the stuff for, and GNC is probably 20-30% higher than we are on everything. we sell all the biotest products they will give us (can we please get the new methoxy and mag-10?!?) we sell alot of everything.

what i mean is, if a customer comes in and asks me if we have Stacker2, i will show him/her where it is. now, if i have an “incentive” on Hydroxycut or EAS’s Betalean, which are superior products, I will explain the difference between these products and Stacker2. Do I force them to buy it? No. Do I false advertise? No. Do I lie to the customer to get them to buy something I make money off of? Never. I do my job and I sell product to the customer. Case closed. I do understand your point because before I used to work for GNC, I noticed it when I would walk in there or other stores. However, I try not to be the over agressive salesman who only wants you to buy GNC brands and certain products.

I’m in michigan and i haven’t seen biotest in any gnc’s either. I have seen some grow! and tribex in a health food store though.

The trials were only conducted in the top 900 GNCs.

I love the t-mag site and use BioTtest products religiously. I agree it would be more convenient to be able to purchase our favorite supplements at GNC, but buying directly form BioTest puts the profit entirely in their pockets. I would rather see my hard-earned dollars go directly to BioTest versus giving a cut to GNC. More money for BioTest also means more money for research to produce awesome supplements. I think it’s the right thing to do.

Theres a privately owned discount nutrition store out where I live (near Chicago)… they carry most of Biotests products, but always seem to sell out of Surge pretty quickly. I asked the owner about Mag-10 today and he told me he ordered it, but he doesn’t think its coming until next year. He was shocked when I told him that other people were already using it. Is Biotest avoiding the discounters right now or something? Just curious.

I think they sold all the first batch to pre-orders. It might be a while before retail stores get it. Netrition has it though. But they did pre-orders too.

Netrition told me that they were currently the only suppliers of Mag-10 apart from the Biotest store.

I live in Chicago and would like to know where the store you mentioned is located?