Resistance Exercises That Also Boost Flexibility/Mobility?

Hey, guys!

I know I should be stretching and “mobilizing” parts of my body, but I find foam rolling, traditional stretching, and pilates classes boring. Plus, all these activities seem to be one-trick ponies.

I’d just rather do resistance training that has many other benefits as well (increasing strength, building muscle, melting off fat).

So, to get my required dose of stretching, (and save time and energy) I want to be doing resistance exercises that still have a stretching component in them.

For example:

Kettlebell swings: (they work lower back, glutes, hams, abs AND stretch the hams).

Pushup variations off blocks: (they work the pecs, triceps and abs AND stretch the psoas and pecs).

Goblet squats: (they work the quads and glutes and also boost hip mobility)

I have trouble coming up with such exercises that work the T-SPINE and the SHOULDERS.

I had some tests done and my t-spine is almost completely immobile (I have a herniated lumbar disk which has discouraged me from moving my spine too much in the last 15 years). Similarly, I have avoided shoulder exercises like the overhead presses, for fear of compressing my spine.

Any ideas for resistance exercises that works t-spine mobility and shoulder flexibility without aggravating a herniated lumbar disc?

Maybe Turkish get ups?

Thanks in advance!