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Dan, for some reason it wasn’t possible
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Nolvadex will not reduce gains from Androsol
but it also is not necessary, since Androsol
does not increase estrogen levels.

From the standpoint of increasing testosterone
levels after a cycle, Nolvadex is a little
effective, but not as much so as Clomid.

The potential long-term problem with tamoxifen (Nolvadex) and Clomid for the older male is that no one has published yet, and I expect
no one has done experiments to determine it
yet, whether these drugs are estrogenic in
the prostate, or antiestrogenic. Either possibility is completely plausible. If they
are estrogenic then, long term, then in the
older male they could worsen benign prostatic
hypertrophy. Since it just isn’t known how
they act here, I have never recommended either
of these drugs for use by older men and cannot
do so.

Bill, thank you for your answer. Let me however clarify two points. During the Tribex-500 phase, ie the first 2 weeks and the latter 4-5 weeks, do I need an anti-estrogenic. (1)If yes, are there any problems with using the Clomid/Nolvadex for that period only. I am not clear as to whether your concerns are for continuous long term usage, or for the long term effects of short term usage. (2) If the answer is no, are their any other precautions I need to take. Thank you in advance. Dan

Dan, all else being equal (in other words,
if there’s no medical problem with overly
high estrogen under normal conditions) there’s
no need for an antiestrogen while using Tribex.

For short term use, Nolvadex or Clomid won’t
have dramatically bad effects in the older
male – it’s long term, year in year out
use, that I’d be concerned about until the
issue of whether these drugs are estrogenic
in the prostate or not is resolved.

If you do have chronic high estrogen levels,
which is not unusual with older males, the
drug of choice is Arimidex. Unfortunately
it is very expensive, but on the other hand,
half a tab per day may suffice or even 1/4
if your levels are high normal. By all means,
estrogen levels should be monitored by blood
tests so as to establish the correct dose.

Bill. Sorry to keep this going, but. If Nolvadex and Clomid are uncertain in the long term, are you saying that Arimidex is OK for longer term use.