Renegade Rope Training

Has anyone else had problems with foot pains when doing Renegade Rope Training? The middle of the bottom of my feet get really tight after the first 3 minute round. I am able to keep going for about 4 rounds until it gets unbearable. I have tried stretching my calves before doing rope training, but it doesn’t seem to help. Is there any way to stretch and loosen up the tendons in the feet?

I had the exact same problem when I started with Renegade Rope Training. I took a day or two off of training and it got better only to return but a bit less. Eventually my feet adapted and now it does not bother my feet at all. I`d say the soreness lasted about 2 weeks with me and it did get to unbearable levels - but eventually it went away.

Not sure how long you’ve been skipping for but there is a “phase-in” period. Obviously we need to make sure particular care is taken with your feet/lower levers. Are you using a particular flexibility pattern and for how long do you perform the stretch’s. In faith, Coach Davies

Sounds like the beginnings of plantar fascitis. Nothing to mess around with. I had a case of this when I was running a lot, and suddenly added a lot of hill running. Rope skipping will put similar stresses oon the foot. EASE into this stuff, and allow your body to adapt.

take care of the basics first-feet position,toe position,pattern of rope. For me, I don’t jump too high, but I turn the rope really fast. Just make sure your form is good, and ease into the program.

Your feet will adapt, but only if you take care of them. Freeze a water bottle before you work out. stretch your shins(by sitting on knees and feet) and stretch you calves. Work out hard then as soon as you are done with your last set, get that water bottle out of the freezer and roll you arches on it for ten minutes or so on each foot, even if only one is hurting. I promise you this will have your feet making impressive gains, very quickly.

I had some of the same problems when I first started. I had/have arthritis in my feet and ankles so it was tough to even consider rope training at first but actually since instituting it I have a big reversal in damage and my feet feel better than they have in a long time. At first I had the pain you describe and I addressed it by spending some time during the rounds alternating feet kind’ve like jogging in place instead of constantly jumping…this really seemed to help as did sticking my feet in a big bucket of ice and water for 10 minutes after the workout 3 days per week.

that strectch you were refering to for the shins-is it that your lower leg and upper leg form a 90* angle? I sometimes get bad shins from running, thanks.

I’m fine on the rope training, but tend to get the same thing on standing calf raises. I basically just halt the calf workout when it hits 'cos it f@#king hurts!!!

how many times a week should rope training be done in season?
will rouse

Will - all in-season work needs to have the ultimate goal of ensuring you are best prepared for the next game. By the time, season commences most of my athletes have had a solid off-season of conditioning, which naturally includes a substantial amount of rope work. In-season, the work is modest intensity but still typically daily. Please let me know more of your schedule and I will try to give you a few examples. I look forward to hearing from you. In faith, Coach Davies

coach davies,
i have always done rope work m,w,f in the offseason for 10, one min. sets. But since basketball season has started its been toned down(once or twice a week) We typically have 2 or 3 games a week and if not we practice 6 days a week. Hope this helped

Steve- The stretch I am refering to is- You are on your knees with your feet lying behind you-top of ankles touching the floor, shins flat on the floor. Sit on your heels, this will stretch the front of your shins very nicely it will also work the knees. If you are prone to shin splints this stretch is a must, everyone stretches their calves and forgets about the front of the leg.