Remember Tomislav?

i.e the perma bulker? Well, he finally reached his goal and released a new training video…

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Master of the 5-inch ROM! We never heard from him after that really bad storm pummeled the East Coast (Tomi lived in NY). My working theory was that he got trapped in the Paul Anderson Squat Hole he dug in his backyard…


RIP Tomislav.

Tomislav… ah, yeah.

I still recall his bulking routine which consisted of eating a pint of Haggen Daaz ice cream each night before bedtime.

He was a character for sure.
For those interested I have located Southbeach on Instagram.
Also with his phenomenal progress it would have been impossible to miss him !!!


Somebody with that name posts on the Sierra Fitness forum. No idea if it is the same guy,

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He bought the farm then?

Are you for real or being facetious?

Does this not sound like him ?
Surely there cannot be another ?