Realistic TRT Recomp Progress

Starting this thread for guys who are curious about a realistic body change with TRT (not supraphysiological dose). I am just starting out on this hormonal optimization path, with 150-200mg T prescribed per week. I plan to post updates as my protocol develops over time, so feel free to follow along.

Stats: 27, 6’2", 175, 11.5% BF, lifting for 8 years with lots of fuckarounditis mixed in there

Other relevant factors: Very high SHBG (which is likely what wrecked my libido), home gym, married, work ~70 hours per week, currently lifting 3-4 times a week following Growth Systems Training

Nutrition: on point, I’m precise about measuring and eating healthy, currently consuming ~2000kcal with 180g protein

Fire away if you have any questions.

Did you already get lean prior to starting TRT? I started 200 mg per week 2 months ago. I’m trying to lean up before I do a lean bulk. I’ve noticed gradual strength gains and very good recovery even at a 500 cal deficit.

Yes, the above numbers/photo are my starting point pre-TRT – 11.5%, or pretty lean. I’m now one month in, at 11%. I have also noticed solid recovery despite a deficit.

I’m planning to follow a similar approach to you: fully cut down (8ish%), then do a long, lean bulk. I don’t plan to exceed 12% BF at any point; I’ll stay in the 8-12% range, where I feel best and beach-ready all the time. What are your BF/MM stats and goals? Personal goal: be lean at 200 lbs. It will take a long time, but I’m excited for the journey.

I think it will be way easier to bulk without accumulating too much fat now that I have exogenous T flowing through my system. That has been a big issue throughout my lifting career: every time I bulk, I just get fat.

How are you liking the 200 mg? Are you injecting IM? I’m doing T-cream, applied scrotally, so the 150-200mg number above is really a ballpark (2-3 clicks per day). I already feel way better than I did pre-TRT.

Given that my SHBG is the real lynchpin, I plan to ask for Danazol (in combination with my preexisting protocol) during my next consultation.

What’s your pre TRT SHBG? Mine was 64, I’m 4 weeks in at 160mg a week. Excited about first labs to potentially bump up to 200 or maybe a bit more.

5’11, 170, same as you every time I try to bulk I get fat, LOL sucks. My super low free T proably had lots to do with that

Bk how is the scrotal cream working for you

I started at 13.5% bf, trying to get down to 11-12 before I start lean bulking. I will measure again this weekend. I only weigh 152 lbs and have a thin frame so I don’t have much muscle. I’m 39 now but in my 20s I was in great shape and could easily put on muscle. My SHGB has crept up over the last 5 years and every time I’ve tried to eat more and train hard I also just get fatter. I feel like I actually have the tools to make a difference in improving my quality of life, well being and physical appearance. Very exciting! Ultimately, I want to be 170 with clearly defined abs. Will probably take a few years but I’m ok with that. BTW, doing Subq 3x per week. Very easy, using 28 gauge 1/2 inch syringe.

I was also started at 160 but it really didn’t do much for me. I complained several times and was bumped to 200. There is a huge difference for me. I’m actually putting on muscle while I’m cutting. It’s crazy! I’ll run my first set of labs next week, very curious to see my free test and SHBG. I started around 70 SHGB prior to TRT.

You reminded me of a video I jsut watchdd. Check this out Bulking | Cutting | The Truth!! - YouTube

Looking forward to following. I took some before photos and have been going at it for a couple months. I’m on the cream 3 clicks am and pm. So 150 am and pm…

Once I start going to gym 3-5 days a week consistent I’m going to take another photo every 30 days and eventually post a timeline.

Thanks for sharing I’ll be watching and supporting your change brother.

I started the cream a week ago. How are you doing with it?

Awesome! Keep me posted, tag me when you get your first labs. We have similar body types, SHBG levles and T levels. I’d be very curious to see how you do on 200.

You should feel lucky! My pre-TRT was 180. Yep…180!

Yep, I think our low free T (which will look relatively high on a test because of SHBG) is a huge part of the issue. All these years I just thought I was a hardgainer. But I was meticulous about tracking everything. Low T really makes building muscle impossible.

Keep me posted on your labs! I’m about to start trying Danazol, added to my protocol.

So, I’m 6 weeks in at this point.

Weeks 1-4: Awesome, huge libido increase, felt great in gym
Weeks 4-6: Lost almost all of the effects, no longer getting morning wood, SMH

So I just had a consultation with my doctor. We decided to increase my dosage of the cream and to have me start applying to more areas. Now I’m doing 2 clicks per day to the scrotum and 2 to the inside of my legs. We are also adding Danazol, 25 MG, EOD.

I have to say, the cream is convenient as hell. I already inject HCG; I don’t want to have holes all over my body. And it’s super easy to travel with cream.

You can definitely get there, man! When we have our hormones in check, there’s so much more we can accomplish. I think your goal is perfectly attainable. And Subq 3X a week is a really easy protocol; that’s what I was doing with HCG for a long time.

Similar to you, I am light (175 at 6’2"), which is frustrating given how long I’ve been lifting and eating well. High SHBG is a bitch.

Whoa! That’s so huge. Love to hear that you’ve experienced positives from increasing your dose. I also just increased my dose (to 4 clicks, which I believe roughly translates to 200mg injectable). Excited to see if I have similar effects!

My strength, for what it’s worth, has been steady/slowly increasing while I’ve been cutting. This recomp has definitely been different from any pre-TRT recomp I underwent. I feel more solid and strong while slowly losing fat.

Damn, that’s one hell of a dose. I thought mine (2 AM, 2 PM) was about as high as they come. So you’re doing 300 mg per day? What are your lab numbers? Do you have a prescription for that, or just doing it solo?

I’ll be following your change, too, bro! Very much looking forward to seeing all you accomplish.

Check out this post for a recap. TL;DR: early part was great, recent has been meh, upping my dose and adding Danazol; excited to see how that works.

Absolutely. I had four-week labs:

Total T: increased from 1989 to 2338 (Ref 250-1100)
Free T: increased from 192.9 to 215.1 (Ref 35-155)
SHBG: increased from 110 to 114 (Ref 15.5-55.9)
Estradiol: decreased from 51 to 50 (Ref <29)

You’ll notice SHBG/E didn’t really move; that may be a result of the transdermal approach. We are sticking with cream, but upping the dose (4 clicks per day) and adding 25 mg Danazol EOD.

Wow! This is completely me for the last 4 years. I kept thinking “I’m just missing this one supplement, or this one training technique and then surely I will start to gain”. Especially the last 2 years when I really got my nutrition dialed in. I wish it had dawned on me earlier to get my hormones checked. Oh well looking on the bright side it got me really dialed in with lifting, nutrition and sleeping.

I can not wait to see what happens once I get hormones optimized. 160 a week is definitely helping some but I really believe there is more to be had. But I’m only 5 weeks in so trying to relax and play the long game.

I’m having same issues. My labido is all fudged. But my levels are rediculous my high. I started cream the day after my final injection … so that was built up and then I was doing 3 clicks am and pm… you’d expect my labido to be off the chain… like leave 90 labido wiZardry. But no it’s not… so yeah high numbers don’t equate to better labido. I guess we just need to stabalize and let the body adapt! Maybe it’s estrogen… did you lose sensitivity?

Your t levels are high… this is from cream?