Re-Top T- Movies

Okay Chris not bad on the movies but you left out quite a few in my opinion , here it goes.

  1. Way Of The Gun
  2. Usual Suspects
  3. Natural Born Killers
  4. Bound
  5. Resevior Dogs
  6. Pulp Fiction
  7. American Psycho
  8. American History X
  9. Thursday
  10. Desperado
  11. Lock Stock And Two Smoking Barrels
  12. Any Given Sunday
  13. From Dusk Till Dawn (the first one only)
  14. True Romance
  15. Seven
  16. 8 MM

    Those are only a few . I will leave the rest for the forum to add . Also anything by Kevin Smith , hes no testosterone filled body . But he makes some funny ass movies. Also anything with Henry Rollins, he is definetly a T-MAN!!!

You left out Body of Work. Every time I hear Bill Phillips say “Get the jet ready” my t-levels go up 0.02%

Okay, I don’t remember all that was on the original list, but here’s a few that come to mind: Rounders (no explosions but ya gotta love it), The Warriors, The Program, Slap Shot, The Last Boyscout, Enter The Dragon-I could go on and on. As far as new stuff The Patriot rocks! The buildup leading to the fight scene between Heath Ledger and the bad guy was classic! Varsity Blues was pretty sweet too.

How about these. 1. the Cowboys 2. The Magnificent Seven 3. Tank Come on, We all wish we owned our own tanks. Imagine the fear in the hearts of the wussies. 4. Sniper
5. Anything by Monty Python, I know but chicks just don’t get it. When they leave you can put on the Christy Canyon or Jenna Jameson pornos
6.Slap Shot 7. The Gauntlet 8. Bullit 9. Patton 10. Anything by Akiro Kurosawa such as The Seven Samurai

Guys guys guys…
Liked your article chris, but you forgot about the most testosteronish movie of them all. The Matrix is the one which should be mentioned first. :slight_smile:
Trying to make my imagination be my limit of speed when training gets me to new levels of explosiveness! :slight_smile:

Good call on Python, Doc…I forgot about the Holy Grail. And I’m probably about the only one on the planet who hasn’t seen Matrix yet. I’m not real big on sci-fi but I’ll have to check it out.

If " The Program" is not a T-mag movie I don’t know what is

hehehe…good one Porter! On a serious note, check out the preview for the crime drama movie ‘Snatch’ on Playboy’s site–looks like a T-man movie to me!

I cant believe NO ONE came up with my fav…TOMBSTONE…Val Kilmer’s rendition of Doc Holiday had to be one of the greatest performances in the history of testosterone…Too many quotes to mention…But even Kurt Russel’s mediocre performance had some thunder…especially the lines he delivers to Ike at the train station…“so run you curr and tell the other currs that we’re comin’, you tell ‘em IM comin’, and hell’s comin with me you hear, hell is comin with me!”

Yeah, Snatch was good (I saw it in London in Oct.) but Lock, stock is fucking brilliant!! I think that Madonna has fucked with Guy Ritchie’s head. Also Brad is a bit annoying with his put on accent but good fight scenes and the expected craziness. But how about Billy Elliot?! ALL TIME top T-Movie! NOT!!!

Oops! Forgot the best absolute ASS KICKING movie of all time. (seriously) Jet Li’s ‘Fist of Legend’. In my opinion there can be no better movie

Definetly some great movies here guys, but my all time ‘pushes all my buttons’ movie is “Very Bad Things” (my alternative titile for it ‘When Bachelor Parties go Bad’)
Starring the evil nutter Christian Slater and the murderously determined bride, Cameron Diaz - the best scene is where she finally kills him before he can disrupt her wedding service. It has sex, violence, explosions, profanity, a good body count, and it is the blackest humour I’ have ever seen. A warning to all you T-men NOT to get married.

My top pick would have to be The Wild Bunch. The Deer Hunter’s pretty damn tough, too.

The Program.

Here’s some more:

The Terminator - Arnie has 8 lines, is enormous and delivers the best “Uzi 9 mm” I’ve ever seen.

Predator - a great male bonding movie. A bunch of dudes get stuck in ‘a world of hurt’ and have to work together (with each other and their enormous arms) to get through. Manages to kill off the annoying dude with glasses first; shows how to build lots of cool traps; and how one man’s determination and cunning can overcome any ods. Especially 7 foot alien ones.

Escape from New York - Snake Plisken. He has a patch, some tough leather clothes and everyone thinks he died. He also, in another film, brings the world (which had turned to shit) back to basics. Definately a T-Man.

Star Wars - there’s a moon sized, planet destroying space station. Which self respecting T-Man wouldn’t want one of these in his garage? Right next to a certain Corrilian frigate that can go through a certain Kessel Run really fast. Han Solo (before someone cheapened him by making Greedo fire first) is also one of the greatest T-characters on film. And is there a T-Man out there who doesn’t want Boba Fett’s jet pack?

Others of note:
Indiana Jones trilogy (DOCTOR + T-Man, what a combo); Dune (though I haven’t seen the mini-series yet, a proper depiction of the Fremen would be T-Men in the desert); Highlander (sorry - like swords). Beowulf, which I saw this morning, had its moments.

And saw that 2 hour film clip the other day, Snatch. I would vote Brad Pitt’s character as another T-Man. Even with the cool accent.

And yeah - Henry Rollins is definately a T-man.

Reservoir Dogs

oh ya…and HEAT with Al Pacino and Robert Deniro

No one has mentioned Scarface. You will never find a character harder than Tony Montana. He didn’t give a fuck about anything. He took on anyone and everyone who got in his way to the top. I am sure most of you have heard of or seen the shower scene where they threaten to cut him up with a chainsaw and he just spits in the Columbian guy’s face. No one has more balls or testosterone than Tony Montana.

I would have to nominate the Godfather trilogy also. Michael Corleone was a brilliant businessman and a ruthless gangster at the same time.

“First, you getta tha money…then, when you getta the money, you ged the power! Then, when you have the power, you getta the women!!!” YAAAAAAAAAAA!!! Scarface is the shit!

The best line of Scarface might be, “This town is like a great big pussy, just waiting to get fucked.”