Rdl and other form question

When I do rdls the bar moves forward away from my legs after my first set and I feel less tension innmy hamstrings

Is this bad? The next day when I bend over my hamstrings feel beaten up

Any tips ?

Also when I hammer curls my elbows kinda move and are not glued to my side like they show on YouTube but my arms get a major crazy pump after the first set

Is this also ok?

Lastly how far do you bend over in barbell rows . Again my back feels good after

It’s just when you in the internet age every video you see tells you new information or tell u something and you start questioning your self so I’m asking a forum instead of a person who just wants views on his channel


If you’re tall, or if you just have long legs, sometimes when you hinge your hips go back soooo far that the bar ends up in front of you. Like the legs are so far back that if the bar stays over mid foot, there is space between the bar and the legs. This is OK.

Other times, you’re just struggling and your lats aren’t tight and the bar is drifting away, the weight is pulling you forward, and you’re balancing on your toes. This is Bad.



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Its OK to do curls that aren’t super strict. Cheating is OK if the elbows come forward and under the bar. Even though you cheat, you still get some tension.

But if the elbows go out to the side like a weird upright row/curl combo, that’s terrible. You can’t do that.

Strict curls and strict hammer curls where the elbow doesn’t move much are good too.

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I’d probably be more concerned with the inconsistency set to set with the RDLs. If you can keep the bar tight the first set, but not subsequent sets, it could mean one of two things:

  1. You’re getting more flexible after that first set, and thus lower. That’s totally fine.

  2. Your lats are fatiguing, so the bar is getting away, which is likely to round your lower back. That’s not so good.

I go as low as my hips are still shifting back. I stop when my hips aren’t moving anymore.

One thing I’ve done with folks that really seems to help is have them stand in front of a wall and push their hips back until their butt hits the wall to learn the action. It’s significantly different than thinking “bend over”. I think I stole this from Dan John.

The curls don’t stress me as much either way as long as it’s not hurting and you feel a pump. I’d watch for any elbow discomfort, though; that will be your cue.